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Critical Thinking Questions - Week 4 (675) - Assignment Example

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Critical Thinking Questions - Week 4 (675) Name Instructor Course Date Lesson framework is a pertinent teaching and instructing tool that most instructors apply in learning institutions. An effective lesson framework ought to be apt to select learning activities, declare objectives, depict the evaluation process and completely organize the learning process…
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Critical Thinking Questions - Week 4 (675)
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Download file to see previous pages Alterations in the material that a particular student learns may differ with that of another learner in a different content area. Every learner is unique. They vary in numerous ways such as physical traits, cognitive aptitudes, experiences, social settings, backgrounds and personalities. Teaching experience and contemporary research postulates that every brain has a distinct state and experiences impact from previous experiences. With such knowledge, success-oriented teachers understand that students cannot go through the same education plan. Research and experience ensues to present insights regarding the human brain. Every learner is unique and has exclusive opportunities. It is, thus, reasonable that every learner learns differently and has different preferences, wants, interests and likes. This addresses the need for differentiated instruction in learning institutions (Tomlinson, 2001). It is pertinent to consider a learner’s background when examining and designing a lesson framework. The cultural orientation of learners differ with the nature of learning that the culture values and the way the culture understands the learning concept. When structuring the lesson, it is paramount to determine how different students’ backgrounds may implicate on dynamics and learning in the classroom. It is also important for instructors to overlook the possible assessment when designing a lesson structure (Gregory & Chapman, 2013). Determining the method of assessment is essential to knowing the method that would elicit positive feedback in terms of excellence in the classroom. Determining the learner’s background in lesson framework design ensures that the instructor designs a framework that that benefits all students at every level. The best lesson framework is that which aids in the collection of accurate data regarding every student in the classroom, which meets the learning needs of all the learners. The teacher should concentrate on areas where their students are not performing as anticipated. Instructors should further emphasize on driving positive improvement in such weak areas to meet the learning needs of each and every learner in the classroom (Gregory, 2008). Through differentiated instruction, the student can perform exemplarily because with the assessment intelligence, the instructor is able to monitor their performance and assess their achievement. Instructors can differentiate product, content and process for learners. Content differentiation refers to an alteration in the material that the student learns. For instance, if the classroom goal is for students to draft persuasive essays, some are learning how to write topic sentences and support sentences, while the others learn how to utilize outside sources and defend their views. Process differentiation inculcates the differentiation of how the learner accesses the learning material. One learner in the classroom may explore a learning centre as the other gathers information from the internet. Product differentiation concerns the modification of how the learner depicts what they have learned (Tomlinson, 2001). For instance, in demonstrating a comprehension of a narrative\s plot, one learner may compile a play when the other drafts an account of an event. Teachers should choose differentiation approaches rooted in the proper prospectus and learners’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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