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Sociological Theories of Education - Essay Example

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This paper talks that education is one of the social institutions established to assist citizens achieve the desired knowledge and experience that can assist in social development. Education as a social institution involves teaching formal knowledge…
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Sociological Theories of Education
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Extract of sample "Sociological Theories of Education"

Download file to see previous pages In the current society, discrimination in the education system can be achieved through systems and policies that eliminate discrimination and promote ‘education for all’. According to WEB Bois (1868-1963), education should teach certain values such as the capacity to endure, love for beauty, avoidance of luxury, and a concern for courtesy. The purpose of education Randall (2007) writes that education is a process of acquiring data and knowledge, as well as learning different forms of behavior and competency in a specific field. The purpose of education involves cultivating human minds with values and principles that assist in determining the right and the wrong. The purpose of education also incorporates learning skills in certain subjects that assist in achieving overall development. In essence, education is a lifelong process and never ends. The purpose of education, therefore, entails a continuous change in the direction in the life of human beings. In the society, human beings realize the importance of education when they encounter difficulties. According to Carpenter and  Haning (2011), in personal and professional development, education has a purpose of assisting each person to gain skills that can be used to overcome personal and professional difficulties. The basic purpose of education involves learning how to write, read, and understand concepts. The skills taught in the process of acquiring literacy remain for the whole life. It should be noted that writing, reading and understanding skills improve all the time a person reads and thinks. Education’s purpose is to teach a person how to acquire social and professional skills necessary for the socialization process in the society. Maintaining social relations in...
This paper stresses that the purpose of education involves cultivating human minds with values and principles that assist in determining the right and the wrong. The purpose of education also incorporates learning skills in certain subjects that assist in achieving overall development. In essence, education is a lifelong process and never ends. The national curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is set of subjects and standards used by primary and secondary schools. These subjects and standards ensure that students learn similar content.
This paper makes a conclusion that the national curriculum also covers which subjects should be taught and the standards pupils should meet in each subject. The Swan report, racism existed in educational institutions as well as individual levels. The British society is a multi-racial population, however, racism affected the education of minorities. The swan report also documented educational policies established in minority communities. The Tripartite System categorized the education system of England, Wales and Northern Ireland into three types: grammar, technical, and secondary modern. This system was discredited because of widespread discrimination against children from lower social class as well as children who could not pass the 11+ exam. The comprehensive system was introduced to replace the Tripartite System so that pupils could not be separated at a young age. The national curriculum was also developed to introduce ‘education for all’ principle. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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