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BULLYING IN SCHOOLS IN THE US An Action Research Project Presented to The Faculty of the Department of Educational Leadership Lamar University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Education in Education Administration (or Education Technology Leadership) By Month of Graduation Year of Graduation (Month Year) ABSTRACT This paper attempts to evaluate the phenomenon of bullying that prevails rampantly in the school settings across the United States…
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Bullying in school
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Download file to see previous pages The data so gathered has been analyzed to arrive at appropriate findings, based on which the researcher has endorsed the conclusions. In addition, the researcher has also offered certain recommendations that will offer better solutions for the management of the problem. Bullying in Schools in the US Section 1: Introduction Background: Humans have an inherent tendency for indulging in violent or non-violent acts to harass or otherwise disturb others and it reflects on children studying in schools also. The statutory definition of harassment or school bullying perceives it as a pattern of premeditated behavior that occurs in school premises, school buses for at the functions sponsored by schools and include but are not limited to “written, electronic, verbal or physical acts” that may cause “reasonable fear or harm” to the person or belonging of another student or impede with his or her academic pursuit or other activities (Bullying Definition 1). Evidence suggests that the issues arising out of bully-victim-bystander behavior as a dominant public health problem that hampers the ability of children to “develop in healthy ways” besides compromising their learning potential (Cohen & Freiberg 1). The phenomenon of school violence as a consequence of bullying has a long history in the US and statistics point to the fact that in 2010 alone, reported cases of about “828,000 nonfatal victimizations” occurred in schools that teach children between 12 – 18 years of age (Understanding School Violence 1). The concern heightens in the light of overwhelming evidence, which shows that “7%” of teachers in such schools have reported threats of injury or physical attack from students while in 2009 alone “20% students” reported the presence of gangs in schools (1). Apart from physical violence, other forms of bullying also occur in the school settings. These include verbal abuse, discriminatory behavior, threatening through electronic media including social networks etc which entail psychological anguish for the victims. These factors point to the prevalence of a grim situation in schools across the nation where children are not safe or free from risks of physical and mental harm. Problem Statement: Though deaths relating to school violence or bullying are found to be rare, there is no denial of the fact that this problem causes “nonfatal injuries” to many students besides entailing grave mental traumas to others (1). In addition, it can lead to a wide range of negative results for the victims and bystanders as well as the perpetrators, including substance abuse and suicide or mental problems such as “depression, anxiety” or fear psychosis (1). The situation prevalent in schools across the United States during the present day intimidates students and they feel “unsafe in schools” (Cohen & Freiberg 4). In order for students to attain the objectives of learning, it is imperative that they are provided with a safe and conducive environment where they can positively indulge in the learning process and enhance their creative skills. When the element of safety is absent, it can distract the students from the learning process and they will be remaining focused on the inherent risks that they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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