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School Violence: A Criminology - Research Paper Example

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School violence: A Criminology Research Paper Name Institution Date School violence: A Criminology Research Paper School violence is a problem of concern to stakeholders worldwide, and many resources have been invested in prevention and control of school violence…
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School Violence: A Criminology Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Whatever the case, the problem is getting out of hand, and unless a solution is found soon, then the young generation will suffer the effects of juvenile delinquency. There are many effects of school violence on individuals including psychological, physical, mental and sociological; all of these have negative effects on the performance of students in school. This research paper uses sociological theories to discuss the incidence of violence in United States’ schools; forms of violence; causes and predisposing factors; and intervention measures in relation to existing legislation. Statement of the Problem There are many factors leading to violence in schools; most of which are the effects of environmental factors on the characters and behaviors of students including social, economic, cultural, and other aspects of the society in which these students live. In addition to these societal factors, individual factors including body size, age, gender and race play a central role in determining if students perpetrate violence against others or become victims of the same (Wallace et al., 2008). High dropout rates, poor grades, and physical harm are few of the effects of these violent activities perpetrated by students. In spite of limiting legislation and school policies, the rate of violence has been on an increasing trend, and stakeholders must identify the cause of these trends instead of dealing with the symptoms of juvenile crime. Incidence A study by Eaton et al. (2007) showed that 5.9 percent of students carried weapons including guns and knives 30 days before the survey, the incidents were 3 times as much in male students as in female students. The authors also established that 7.8 percent of students had been threatened or injured by a weapon in the period of 12 months prior to study; in this case, the prevalence in male students was twice as much as that in female students. In the 12 months prior to the study, 12.4 percent of students had been involved in physical fights at least once, with the rate in male students being twice as much as it was in female students. In 30 days before the study, 5.5 percent of students had been absent from school at least once due to a feeling that the school environment was not safe; both male and female students had equal numbers in this case. According to the differential association theory, boys interact with other boys and end up picking the attitudes and techniques that motivate them to participate in violent activities more than their female counterparts. Moreover, violence in schools is not just perpetrated on students, between 7 percent and 10 percent of teachers had been threatened of injury by students at least once in 2003 (Peek-Asa et al., 2007). Five percent of teachers were physically attacked by students in 2003, and other non-teaching staff were victims too, especially school bus drivers. According to the social disorganization theory, cases of school violence recorded occurred mostly in urban schools, with rural and suburban schools accounting fewer cases. This means that by virtue of living in urban areas and being exposed to violence in day-to-day activities and the media, students in urban areas pick up these habits and transfer them to the school environment. Forms of School Violence Mostly, school violence involves verbal threats and abuses focusing on the victims’ real or perceived weaknesses. Verbal fight does not cause physical harm, but the psychological trauma that results may cause a student to get poor grades, drop out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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