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Motivation - Methods of Motivation use to excel in a College program - Assignment Example

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Motivation Name Institution Motivation Motivation is a powerful tool that guides, initiates, and maintain goal-oriented and positive behaviours. Motivation makes individuals to achieve their God given abilities and talents. Motivation pushes individuals to act in a certain way, whether it is taking a glass of water or reading an inspiring book to obtain knowledge…
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Motivation - Methods of Motivation use to excel in a College program
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Download file to see previous pages Motivation may push a student to spend countless nights studying for a course to excel in the marketplace. Psychologists believe that human beings are not the same. Thus, it is important to understand different types of motivation to capture different type of people, personality, and character. People are different on the way they perceive or view things, thus it follows that motivation has to be different. The three methods of motivation used to excel in college program include incentive, change, and extrinsic motivation. Primarily, incentive motivation is a strong force used in the learning institution. This method involves rewards. Through incentive motivation, students believe that they will obtain rewards for working hard or doing something. This motivates them to do everything they can to attain certain goals. This method of motivation bases its argument on the fact that human beings need to attain their set goals and objectives. To Anderman & Anderman (2010), learning institutions utilize incentive motivation to reward the best performing or well-behaved students. By offering rewards, the management hopes to increase their performance and motivate their students to work harder in school programs. It is crucial to note that, there is high morale and motivation when people are working as a group in a given task. A continuous interaction in college programs increases friendship, unity, and mutual association. Motivation and morale help students to accomplish school programs faster and at an easy pace. For instance, incentive motivation may trigger students to work as a team and in turn creates a healthy competition. Teamwork or group discussion may help students to compete with each other and excel in all ways. It may also boost satisfaction and a sense of belonging. According to Karabenick & Urdan (2010), change motivation is a strong medium used to excel in college program. Sometimes, students, teachers, and other workers may do things to bring changes in the immediate environment. Change motivation pushes an individual to work tirelessly, hoping that one-day things will be better in their immediate environment. It is important to note that, change motivation help students to be tired of how things are and thus, think of a program to improve the entire environment. People are more likely to succeed when they understand their need to bring value to their organization. In the school set-up, external and internal factors that can sustain, intensify, start, or discourage bad behaviour. At this point, internal factors include human characteristics that trigger certain behaviours in the learning environment. For instance, students are fearful or confident when they approach new tasks. However, they are motivated when they live in a pleasant environment that fosters positive behaviours. It is crucial to understand that, external factors can affect learning conditions and personal development. For instance, certain schooling practices can hinder or promote motivations. These features include peer groups, classrooms, instructional practices, and school activities (Malloy, Marinak & Gambrell, 2010). At this point, helpful instruction may motivate a student to have good conduct. Change motivation is crucial in the school set up as it shapes students’ ability to learn experiences at school and in the large ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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