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TMA 01: The influence of policy in my early years setting - Essay Example

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The influence of policy in my early years setting Part 1 Currently, I am working with the childminder curriculum framework as a home based carer. There are two childminder programmes, i.e. childminder 1 and childminder 2 (“BCMA” web)…
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TMA 01: The influence of policy in my early years setting
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Download file to see previous pages They also hold the responsibility of updating the curriculum whenever necessary. Moreover, they conduct studies on the status of childminding activities in England and publish them regularly. The first publication of the curriculum took place in the year 2006, under the watch of Liz Hodgman. Initially, it did not have as many roles as it has currently, as the organization kept on increasing these features to what it currently is, purposively to improve the services provided to the kids. The curriculum aims at sensitizing both the teacher and the parents on the kind of skills and knowledge that a kid should have at various stages. According to the guidelines presented in the curriculum, it aims at giving the teachers an understanding of the desired skills, knowledge, and expertise required for the early year children. They also acquire information on how to best deal with the kids on various situations while providing them with care. Parents on the other hand should be aware of the skills they expect their children to acquire after passing through the early years in school. There are two categories of age range for this curriculum framework. The first category includes children aged between 3 and 4 years and 4 and 5 years. Teachers should teach the specific skills as stated in the different stages. There are different stages that students should pass through in their learning process. Additionally, there are specific materials required for every stage and the grading criteria for every stage. The aim of the curriculum framework is providing equal and similar information and education to the children by giving the required guidelines to the teachers. As such, it provides information on what teachers need to teach their students, for instance the subjects to cover as well as the standards that students need to cover in each subject taught. In most cases, teachers affiliated to the program conduct studies that they forward to the policy makers as recommendations on how to improve the program. Additionally, the experts themselves could conduct a general study affecting all teachers or students, then draw conclusions and pass it as a policy or new information in the various newsletters, available to childminders in form of downloadable pdf documents. In every issue, either a research work or a newsletter, there is contact information of the contributors available for the readers. There is frequent improvement of the curriculum program framework. Therefore, there is a likelihood of some changes in the framework, or the curriculum not yet communicated to the people. Changes must also have taken place on the reporting process of the various curriculum changes, especially since there is use of the teachers’ TV anymore (“BCMA” web). Part 2 Caution is important whenever teaching kids, especially the infants. The main difference between a schoolteacher and a childminder is that while a childminder has to both take care of the child and at the same time teach, a schoolteacher only holds the responsibility of teaching. Most of the school going kids, whether in their early ages or in their teens can take care of themselves. In the preparatory school for instance, they can take care of themselves, does not require special attention like in the case of infants. While these kids can eat and use the washrooms, toddlers have to rely on the caregiver for all their needs. This is not only a challenging work for an individual, it is equally stressing. Different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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