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Reggio Emilia research - Essay Example

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Reggio Emilia research Name Institution Reggio Emilia research 1. Introduction The Reggio Emilia philosophy is an educational Approach that focuses on early childhood and primary education whose origin was from the villages around the Reggio Emilia area in Italy…
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Reggio Emilia research
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Download file to see previous pages Malaguzzi developed a learning program or self-guided curriculum that had basis on respect, obligation, and community principles that influenced self-discovery and contributing to the enrichment of the environment basing on the interests of the children. The basis of this curricular was to provide education coupled with care where the parents of Reggio Emilia influenced its development through their sale of military equipments that had remained after the World War II. 1. The Reggio Emilia curriculum Since its inception, the Reggio Emilia Approach to offering education has experienced immense improvements in an attempt to improve the learning standards of children. The Reggio curriculum is the Approach that emerged in which the adopters of this philosophy became the Reggio educators. As per the curriculum, the educators are responsible for developing the educational goals that are in line with the intensive expansion of knowledge. In the Reggio application, most of the curriculum implemented through projects results from the input of children or teachers meaning that it is a flexible education Approach. Ideally, children tend to be curious beings especially when at a tender age meaning that the learning project may change depending on the subjects that have caught their eyes (Grotewell & Burton, 2008). In this learning process, the project developed by either the children or the teachers signifies that children conduct this curriculum while their teachers guide them (Arnstrong, 2006). The Reggio curriculum projects may take months before completion depending on their length meaning a shorter Reggio Emilia project may take shorter to complete. 2. What does Reggio Emilia mean? When a child starts going to school, this means that from that point forward there would be lesser parent involvement, which might be a scary thought for many parents. The lessons rely heavily on structures developed by teachers meaning that there is less play and more study work for the children. As per the Reggio Emilia Approach, the application is different because parents, teachers, and children become equal stakeholders in the learning process. Presently, the Reggio Emilia application is a module that preschools and kindergartens in the world have adopted with plans to include the program in the elementary classes in the piping. In essence, Reggio Emilia is not a philosophy that bases on a set of established beliefs, but rather it is a philosophical approach whose fundamental values focus on the learning outcomes for children. In this approach, there are several core principles embedded in the execution of this philosophy in learning that include significance of the learning environment, the child being an active participant to the learning process, making the learning visible, and having the three stakeholders of the learning process to collaborate. The most critical part of the process is influencing the children to learn more within the program through the support of the parents and the teachers alike as curiosity heightens the quest for knowledge for young children. Key beliefs that the Reggio Emilia model promotes regarding the learning and development of young children According to Morrison (2010), the Reggio Emilia program is applicable to children from the age of three months to those age six years in which many schools in the USA have incorporated it into their early childhood learning systems. Ideally, the execution of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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