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Working with young children from 16 to 36 months - Essay Example

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Working with young children from 16 to 36 months
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Extract of sample "Working with young children from 16 to 36 months"

Download file to see previous pages You may choose to include photographs, observations and evidence of activities carried out (to include one out of the setting context). Your portfolio should be well supported by theory and your own critical reflections. Present and communicate complex information and ideas verbally and in written form, using specialist vocabulary where appropriate.? Critically identify, assess, select and use information from a wide range of sources. Materials from the portfolio and the reflective report can be used in the validation process. 4,000- 5,000 words (100% weighting) Rationale This module will consider current research and pedagogical approaches when working with young children, and what those who work with children need to know about theory, research and practice. It will consider the development of policies in providing for the youngest children in the UK in recent times. In the context of the rapid changes in the field of early childhood education and care, this module will critically discuss the complex policy context in the UK. It will attempt to provide an overview of the recent history of policy development, considering the impact of Every Child Matters, The Early Years Foundation Stage and the developing role of the Early Years Professionals. Key aspects of practice will be explored in the light of this discussion. This module aims to enable students to: ???Apply critical, analytical skills to approaches of early childhood ?pedagogy. ???Synthesise the theory and practice of working with young children. ???Gain knowledge and understanding of current initiatives and their ?effect on early childhood education and care. Develop critically reflective and questioning perspectives on how ?young children develop and learn and the role of the adult. ??Recognise processes which improve quality of provision. ??Understand the role of an early years team. ?The distinctive features of the module are to provide an overview of theoretical underpinnings of early childhood practice with the youngest children and to examine research studies in to the learning and development of children from 16 to 36 months. The emphasis of the module is concerned with linking theoretical aspects with the experience acquired in placement and ways in which high quality provision can be offered to young children to support development and learning. Learning Outcomes Demonstratebreadthanddepthofawarenessandunderstandingofthe expected patterns of children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and behavioural development from 16-36 months. Demonstrate the ability to identify how to use everyday care routines, play and planned learning activities to promote children’s well-being, development and learning, and knowing how to critically evaluate and adapt them to meet children’s varied needs. Demonstrateabreadthanddepthofknowledgeandunderstandingof current legal requirements, national policies and guidance on health and safety and their implications for early years settings. Intellectual skills: 4. Coherently collate, critically evaluate and analyse evidence about effective practice and use it to improve their own and others practice. 5. Engage with complex theory, new concepts and evidence from a range of sources associated with early childhood development and apply it to the learning process. Transferrable Skills: 8. Present and communicate complex information and ideas verbally and in written form, using specialist vocabulary where appropriate.? 9. Critically identify, assess, select and use information from a wide range of sources. Essay Task Portfolio – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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