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Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life - Literature review Example

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The paper "Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life" discusses that we owe special thanks to the doctors, nurses and staffs of the Paediatric Rehabilitation Clinic of University Malaya Medical Centre for their help and advice throughout the period of this study.
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Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life
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Extract of sample "Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life"

Download file to see previous pages Findings indicated that the variety of care and quality of care have the most predictable impact on QOL.
The complex combination of physical problems and emotional issues associated with Cerebral Palsy oftentimes reduce the quality of life of children suffering from this disease. Caregivers that are charged with taking responsibility for children with Cerebral Palsy are often burdened with a variety of sociological and psychological challenges such as dealing with recurring sleep disorders (Newman, O’Regan & Hensey, 2006) and impaired communication with others in the social environment. As such, it is important to determine how the severity of symptoms associated with the disease impacts quality of life for the child and their familial caregivers. The differences in QOL between care systems in developed countries and non-developed countries is an especially important variable in determining the quality of life, making it important to study how to improve or sustain the quality of care for children suffering from Cerebral Palsy to improve QOL worldwide.
Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy are oftentimes very severe, including a hardening of the musculature (spasticity), weakened motor controls that include, but are not limited to, standing, locomotion (the ability to move about freely and autonomously), and even emotional problems (Davis, 1997). Having to deal with the complexities of physical symptoms combined with emotional disturbances often places significant stress on parents and other caregivers (Mihaylov, Jarvis, Colver & Beresford, 2004). This can radically decrease the quality of life for not only the child but the familial dynamic.
Children suffering from Cerebral Palsy often experience intense pain coupled with fatigue with even more severe symptoms including permanent vision loss (Hirsh, Gallegos, Gertz, Engel & Jensen, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life Literature review - 1, n.d.)
Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life Literature review - 1.
(Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life Literature Review - 1)
Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life Literature Review - 1.
“Cerebral Palsy and Quality of Life Literature Review - 1”.
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