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Identify an issue which you think is important in the British Education system today. In what way can sociology help us understa - Essay Example

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Racial Inequality in UK educational system Introduction Education is considered an important aspect of the social fabric of any society by governments of whatever political persuasion given their universality. More importantly, education is a human right recognized by many international bodies including the United Nations (UN), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the European Union (EU)…
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Identify an issue which you think is important in the British Education system today. In what way can sociology help us understa
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Extract of sample "Identify an issue which you think is important in the British Education system today. In what way can sociology help us understa"

Download file to see previous pages However, evidence suggests that there exists racial inequality in the UK educational system (DFES, 2005) with the most affected groups being ethnic minority pupils of Black, Irish Travelers and Gypsy/Roma heritages. The evidence shows that pupils from these racial backgrounds perform poorly in schools compared to their counterparts from other ethnic groups, a situation that has long-term implications on their future. Efforts by various stakeholders to find a way of breaking this chain of inequality, educational underachievement and restricted life chances continue to remain a fundamental challenge. Although the UK policymakers and practitioners have come up with wide ranging attempts to alleviate this problem, the desired impact is yet to be achieved. This paper looks at racial inequality in the UK educational system and tries to explain the phenomenon though the lenses of theories of sociology at an attempt to understand the causes. Moreover, the paper outlines evidence that suggests racial inequality still exists in the educational system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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