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Views of social justice, discussing British society - Essay Example

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Consider at least two views of social justice in discussing whether contemporary British society is socially just: The present study aims to explore the scholarly views about the nature and scope of social justice prevailing in the contemporary era British society in the light of two perspectives presented by Pearce & Paxton (2005, pp…
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Views of social justice, discussing British society
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Extract of sample "Views of social justice, discussing British society"

Download file to see previous pages Since the British society has seldom made any compromise on the age-old customs and values has been being imitated by their ancestors for the last many centuries, ignoring the same in contemporary times looks absolutely strange and weird element appeared in the life of English people. In addition, since the British culture has always been the greatest torch-bearer and custodian of human rights, social justice and equality for centuries, by dint of which it has dominated over a large part of the globe in general, the masses are thought to be extremely reluctant in respect of allowing any penetration to bias, inequality and unfairness at least from its platform within their social establishment at large. Somehow, the globalisation phenomenon as well as latest technological advancements have certainly influenced the socio-political structure of the English culture, where inclusion of several foreign corporate organisations as multinational trade firms on the one hand, and individuals as foreigner students, businessmen, visitors, temporary residents and permanent immigrants on the other had have added their share in bringing imperative transformations in the social fabrics of the country. As a result, social justice appears to be observing a significant fall with the course of time, and the theorists find the concrete foundations of equality and justice to be in grave jeopardy in England for the future years to come. Social justice simply refers to the granting all members of society the opportunities of growth and making progress according to their efforts, skills, dedication and commitment on the principle of equality, impartiality, neutrality and fair play. In addition, providing the oppressed and suppressed individuals with compensation against the cruelties and atrocities committed on them by announcing punishments and penalties to the cruel offenders and criminals also comes under the definition of social justice. Social justice, according to Swift (2001, p.7) also appears to be concerned with the distribution of social goods, or ‘bads’ in a sense that distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities must be on the principle of equality. Furthermore, offering all the members of society equal opportunities of health, education, housing, transportation and respectable place in society are also the part of social justice practiced by the welfare states of the world (Macionis, 2007, p.530). Marxist perspective also advocates for the protection of the rights and privileges of the workers, peasants and labourers by making payment to them against the hard efforts they make in running the affairs of an industrial or agricultural unit (Turner, 1990, p.309). Thus, it protests against the lion’s share the producers, investors, mill-owners, landlords i.e. bourgeoisie takes out of the aggregate profit produced by the proletariat, which is vehemently opposite to the doctrine of justice, equality and fair play altogether. Theories have been articulated and researches have been conducted in order to unveil various aspects of human activities and behaviour in the light of social justice (Theo, 2008, p.109). The theorists are of the opinion that the apposite and unflinching structure and functioning of the social establishment appears to be dependent of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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