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In Science Education - Dissertation Example

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Title: Promoting the successful implementation of lessons learnt from RET programs in the Classrooms of Teachers in order to improve student learning. Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Research Problem Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) programs are seen as a very central part of the school curriculum, aimed at equipping teachers with the very fundamental knowledge in the conduct of practical research for onward application in their daily experiences as teachers (Sprague and Walker, 2005)…
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Dissertation in Science Education
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Extract of sample "In Science Education"

Download file to see previous pages Example of the nature of the structuring that makes it possible for in-depth science research knowledge to be impacted includes the intensiveness of the program. For instance some teachers are brought up close with Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) laboratories, which are facilitated by specialized laboratory managers, faculty and former students for as long as six weeks without a break (Cook et al, 2000). Normally, such mathematics and science teachers do not get the opportunity of having dedicated times with laboratory experiences with the standard of the CCMR Shared Experimental Facilities. Another relevant component of the RET program that is set to make it very easy for shared experiences to impact deep into teachers attending the program is the fact that the programs are structured such that participants work together as team. In effect, basic concepts that could prove difficult in their understanding are easily shared among team members for practical resolution. Indeed, for the fact that the structure of the program is intense and focused on problem solving skills, set out by trained and skilled facility managers Sadler et al (2009) have noted that it has always been possible and easier for teachers attending the RET programs to have the kind of experiences that the programs require them to have. But it is important to note that the essence and idea behind the RET programs does not end with the mere acquisition of knowledge on research experiments for teachers. Rather, the major target of the program is the student, meaning that after teachers gain the experiences from the program, they should be in a position to passing these on to their students (Polloway, Patton and Serna, 2008). As teachers, it has always been expected that there will be the use of learner-centered and other creative approaches to teaching that make absorption of concepts taught easier for learners. However, some key factors have often inhibited this noble vision. Subsequently, students, who are the target products of the RET programs have not benefited fully from the programs (Rao, 2009). 1.3 Purpose of the Study Based on the background given and the problem identified earlier, the researcher seeks to use this proposal to clearly identify and spell out the factors that aid in the successful implementation of science and engineering practices into the regular classroom experience of teachers. Furthermore, ways by which teachers can be supported in their classroom after completion of any RET program to make implementation of experiences and subsequently improvement of student learning possible, shall also be outlined. 2.0 Background Literature 2.1 Measuring success of RET programs in Learners Several researchers in the area of science and mathematics education have studied the need to making the learner the end product of teachers’ success with the RET program. In this, a number of debates and arguments have come up was to why the focus on the systematic structure of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dissertation in Science Education Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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