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Educational Philosophy Statement - Essay Example

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Educational Philosophy Statement Name University Educational Philosophy Statement Philosophical statement and Perceptions Although it is a common belief that the best teaching practices are based on the proper application of available learning theories, the relationship is a very complex one…
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Educational Philosophy Statement
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Extract of sample "Educational Philosophy Statement"

Download file to see previous pages That is why the diversity of learners should be understood so as to allow uniform learning to occur. Knud Illeris’ learning theory understands the various internal as well as external factors that impact learning including cultural, societal interaction and the inherent development of illustration as contributing to learning (Illeris 2009). Since every learner goes through different experiences and may belong to diverse backgrounds it is important to bring them along the same level considering these differences. My efforts as a teacher, therefore, should remain to understand these differences and to create a learning atmosphere where the learner feels motivated to learn rather than lacking any relation with the material. Another useful theory is that of situated learning theory which is quite effective is that of Experiential Learning and it is widely being used in universities to enhance the learning process of students. According to Kolb, experiential learning is a process that occurs in stages (McGill & Beaty 1995). People learn well through experience. This is quite natural and this can be demonstrated by the example of an aged individual who possesses far more knowledge than a young and naive individual only because the older individual has greater experience. This theory suggests that learning also takes place from observance and reflection. This is why university students are often given assignments and projects for which they have to go outside the class and explore the situation so that the knowledge learnt is relevant and applicable in real situations. This has shown better learning outcomes. Effective Learning Environment Teachers play an important role in creating an effective learning environment. The teaching practices should involve methods that are helpful to student-centered learning. Thoughtful questions asked by students help in piquing curiosity which is significant for purposeful interaction with the learning material. Good questions motivate thought regarding the subject and are good for the learning process. Such questions should be valued through appreciation or any other form of credit (TeachThought 2012). My aim as a teacher would therefore be to acknowledge students’ efforts so that they get motivated and have a drive to excel even further. A variety of instruction mediums can be used including direct instruction, assignment based learning, peer to peer learning and so on. However good class rooms are very diverse and not every medium of instruction may suit the diversity. A variety of criteria should be used by the teacher in order to personalize learning based on interest, willingness, and other criteria. Gradually this would enable a teacher to know what is required by the student. Assessment should be constant and original and feedback about performance should be provided quickly (TeachThought 2012). Rather than a wholly grade-centered assessment, the focus should be on the understanding of concepts. I feel that student-specific assessments can prove to be helpful as students may have different learning speeds and capacities. Taking them to be on the same level would be an unfair assumption. These will create an environment that encourages progressive learning thereby enabling students to learn more effectively. Professional Growth The learning theories indeed assist in the application in educational frameworks. These principles of learning can be taken into consideration for effective learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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