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Second Language Teaching - Research Paper Example

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Second Language Teaching Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Second Language Teaching Comprehensible input Research of Second Language acquisition for elementary school students has been undertaken on the basis of comprehensive input in language classrooms…
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Second Language Teaching
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Download file to see previous pages Acquisition of second language is facilitated by speaking; in fact, engaging in conversation through which the student gains control of over the topic of discussion, this offers a chance for participants to express their ideas, thereby providing substantial intake. In this case, this involves activities in classrooms, which are natural interesting and comprehensible (Archibald, 2000). On the other hand, teaching programs, which offer comprehensive input in classrooms in a way that attributes in the classroom, are considered to be the best for acquisition of second language to the intermediate level. Nonetheless, the perfect input, which facilitates the acquisition of second language, resembles the input acquired by students in the elementary school. Therefore, the comprehensive, necessary input is based on their instantaneous interest, which is not complex and not graded with stringency. On-going, specific, and immediate feedback Feedback is offered to students in the process of learning after an evaluation, or when they make mistakes, and this becomes an object of attention; for instance, feedback evoked by a mistake by the students in the elementary school is immediate, whereby the educator is expected to ensure that the student has recognized the mistake and corrected it (Folse, 2004). On the other hand, an educator can issue specific feedback, whereby a recast is involved as a form of negative feedback whereby learners are likely to ignore. Ongoing feedback involves learners asking questions in the learning process, whereby they seek classification as they provide feedback and teachers are expected to tune their input in the necessary level in order to facilitate effective acquisition of second language (Folse, 2004). Feedback is considered to a crucial way of involving and consolidating students in the learning process. In fact, this is a process that is utilized in identifying areas of second language teaching that need improvement. Moreover, feedback has been considered a fundamental element in the second language teaching, whereby it is a product, process and genre through which teachers apply crucial components of their instructional repertoires. Grouping structures and techniques Grouping structures and techniques are based on the structure of language and descriptive linguistics; in fact, this involves isolating grammatical and syntactic elements in the process of teaching the second language (White, 2000). In this case, these structural groups are used either deductively or inductively for predetermining the sequence of the learning process, and on the other hand, there is a need for meta-linguistic content in the learning process that facilitates learning. Building background and vocabulary development Students in the elementary school are influenced by academic background knowledge in the learning process of second language. Therefore, educators are expected to understand the way to build’ students’ background knowledge and vocabulary development through direct teaching of specific vocabulary in a given way (Folse, 2004). In this case, teachers in elementary school apply research based steps of vocabulary instruction model to assist students that are struggling to increase their confidence and acquire second language. In addition, there is a need to focus on particular strategies applied in this step while introducing words in a way that is not intimidating them (Folse, 2004). Apparently, this allows students to process the words based on multiple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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