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This paper under the title "Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes" focuses on the people who think about taking online classes. Those considering enrolling for online classes should weigh the pros and cons before placing their education at risk. …
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes
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Download file to see previous pages This is because the schedules are tighter and thus people need to juggle a lot more. This, therefore, means that they cannot find enough time to attend classes. Additionally, online classes are flexible and thus one can even take those in the dead of the night. However, online classes have their flip side. An interaction between the teacher and student is minimal. This is not to mention that one does not interact with their fellow students. Some online classes have also been known to be fraudulent thus the certificate is of absolutely no use. An online course is one that a student undertakes without having to factor in geographical distance. As a matter of fact, online courses completely eliminate the geography aspect of the lesson. This kind of learning is best suited for students who are located off campus. However, those who are on campus are also beginning to take a preference for the same. Universities continue to seek different ways to serve this particular population of students (O'Neil, Fisher and Rietschel, 2013). They have tried among others, satellite teleconferences, and correspondence courses among many others to ensure that these students are catered for. However, technology has made it easier. The internet has enabled continuous and cheap communication in the ‘online classroom’. Additionally, it provides a library as well as other sources of information that they may need. Furthermore, social networking has also increased the pace at which information is spread within these circles. This paper shall give an in-depth analysis of both the advantages and advantages of online classes. This paper is of argumentative nature and is therefore not inclined to take sides. Advantages For the student, taking an online course is a rewarding experience. This is especially so since online courses have taken what is known as student-centred learning. This mode of learning requires that a student takes responsibility for his own path in the learning process (Moore and Kearsley, n. d.). This is unlike the olden days where the teacher pushed the students to acquire an education. The teacher in an online course is more of a facilitator. Thus, online learning acts as a motivating factor for the online learner of today’s age. The millennial student has the opportunity to learn with gadgets they are familiar with and that they enjoy working with. Online learning opens doors for one to do whatever one feels like doing (O'Neil, Fisher and Rietschel, 2013). There is no pressure to follow a certain curriculum or take certain classes. Indeed, this nontraditional learning opens up one’s mind and this is the perfect place for innovation.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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