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Create a Unit of instruction (UBD) - Assignment Example

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Create a Unit of instruction (UBD) 1. A Brief Overview of the Unit Instruction a. A Brief Description of the Unit The conception of nutrition and physical activity is widely documented or accepted as an important subject for the curriculums of modern educational institutions…
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Create a Unit of instruction (UBD)
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the primary unit of this curriculum is intended to develop an organized approach in order to promote nutritional aspects along with different physical educational activities which ensure to develop children’s health. In order to precisely and most apparently highlight the major factors in terms of promoting nutritional and physical development of the children, the different areas of this report would be assessed in accordance with the guidelines of Understanding by Design (UbD) approach. The nutrition and physical activity curriculum incorporates the following stages: Significance of nutrition and physical activity and their role for developing children health Comprehensive health and physical education need as per the standards of NJCCCS (New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards) for promoting good health for the children Identify the desired results in terms of learner outcomes and goals Create “essential questions” that will focus upon the work concerning the key concepts, themes, issues and problems of the topic Design effective assessment plan in accordance with the promotion of good health for the children Design effective learning experience or course which can enable the child care settings (parental and institutional) to equip the students with skills, proficiency, knowledge as well as understanding. b. State the Appropriate NJCCCS it Addresses The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) can be duly considered as one of the major frameworks for educating a child relating to the development which has been formed by the New Jersey State Board of Education during the year 1996. The NJCCCS framework tends to incorporate adequate guidelines and principles that apparently define the major learning process for the students to accomplish desired education or the learning outcome (State of New Jersey Department of Education, n.d.). The guiding principles underneath the NJCCCS address various aspects towards improving the curriculum in terms of developing child educational settings. Additionally, the principles of this framework also tend to incorporate adequate measures associated with promoting good health and wellbeing of each student within different educational institutions. In this regard, nutrition and physical activity is also a major consideration of the NJCCCS framework which highly focuses on improving the dietary and physical education for each child within any educational, healthcare and parental settings. Furthermore, the framework also ensures to streamline the practices concerning the wellness and good health of the students within the educational settings and confirms to develop physical, psychological as well as educational growth of each child (The State of New Jersey, n.d.). c. Identify the Desired Results in terms of the Learner Outcomes and Goals Identifying desired results can be regarded as one of the primary and initial stages of UbD approach ensuring to efficiently understand the students regarding the significance of nutrition and physical activities. In this context, the identification of desired results in terms of learner outcomes and goals has been explained in the following discussion. Established Goals The essential factors concerning nutrition and physical education for the children will be focused in terms of clearly identifying the desired results of the unit. Therefore, in the major stage of designing the unit, certain realistic goals in accordance with the NJCCCS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Create a Unit of Instruction (UBD) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
“Create a Unit of Instruction (UBD) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words”, n.d.
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