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Cheating in Educational Institutes - Essay Example

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This paper talks that cheating in educational institutes conducted by students is even regarded as dishonesty that is academic in nature and may be caused as a reaction to the formal structure of educational institutes. Cheating in the academic sphere can be of diverse types…
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Cheating in Educational Institutes
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"Cheating in Educational Institutes"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that academic cheating is not a new phenomenon; it has been present since the evolution of different examination tools used in the academic arena. Davis reports that students, who believed that they would fail in a particular class or test that was being scored, resorted to cheat in order to avoid failure.
This paper makes a conclusion that cheating in previous years mainly included copying someone else’s homework and presenting it as one’s own work or cheating used to take place during examination sessions while students used to carry small pieces of paper with them to copy from it during examination. Previously, cheating even constituted of asking answers from fellow students during examination sessions while ensuring that the invigilators and teachers were not aware of the event taking place. According to Staples, cheating gas becomes quite subtle and that is mainly due to information that is available over the internet. Staples state that now students tend to copy information directly from the internet and simply present them to their instructors as their own work and this form of cheating is mostly conducted by students who have just enrolled in college level of education and are not aware that this activity is even regarded as cheating under student code of conduct of almost every educational institute. Cheating is an outcome of relaxed rules as well as corrupt teaching faculty and their aim of advancing their own self interest over the interest of others. A student cannot escape after conducting the act of cheating until he/she has assistance from those who are provided with the authority of ensuring that such activities do not occur. Educational standards in developing areas are quite low, the teaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cheating in Educational Institutes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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