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The basic motive of this paper is to provide the definition of the transformative learning theory, its application, and different teaching objectives.The theory asserts that the extent of motivation in an individual mainly determines learning in him or her…
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Transformative Theory
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Download file to see previous pages The learning theory discussed is the transformative theory, which explains learning as a personal generation of knowledge and intelligence. The theory asserts that each person has some level of individual intelligence, which aids him or her in the learning process. Therefore, the theory focuses on an inner part of us that gives us understanding of different issues. Transformative theory also states that individuals tend to have different goals as they grow up and understand themselves (Nock, 1999).Therefore, the study of self is categorized as a stage of the learning process of an individual. With time, a person gets to know the kinds of things that interest him or her, and the kinds of choices that he or she needs to make in life. The theory also believes that learning will occur differently for different individuals. This implies that, individuals tend to be affected by different atmospheres in which they learn. The theory assumes that learning should be characterized by self-motivation and belief in oneself. Therefore, according to this theory, it is upon the learners to decide and direct their own learning. They need to understand and motivate themselves in the learning process through their thoughts and insights. A person’s thoughts can shape his or her understanding greatly since they might be negative or positive. For instance, if an individual develops negative understanding towards a particular subject, this will greatly affect his or her capacity to understand the subject clearly.  In this discussion, the transformative theory will be appropriate in assessing learners’ attitudes towards the issue of self-care with diabetes. This is because; learners’ interest in the subject will determine their understanding significantly. In addition, according to the theory, learners should have some knowledge about the subject before being taught (Learning, 2013). Therefore, teaching the subject should act as giving additional knowledge to the learners.
Description of the Learners
The learners that I will choose are patients suffering from diabetes. These are individuals who have already dealt with the subject matter previously. In addition, the subject affects the learners directly and thus, effective understanding will be required in order to ensure that the learners benefit from the teaching. To ensure full attention from the learners, the teaching will have to be resourceful with new ideas, which are different from the ones that learners have encountered before. This way, learners will be more motivated to listen to the subject.
Relationship between the theory and the Learners
The above-discussed theory will be appropriate for the learners because; it will enable them to benefit more from the teaching. When the learners are taught while they are self-motivated, then they will obtain more knowledge from the study than if another theory that does not use self-motivation was being used. Therefore, the transformative theory will be the most appropriate for the learners because; the subject that is being discussed concerns the learners dir ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Transformative Theory" is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own text.

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