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School Resources - Essay Example

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School Resources Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The research project provided a brief introduction to the topic under research study. It revealed the financial resources of the school, which include the revenue and expenditure since these accounts for the significant part of the state money…
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School Resources
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, the comparisons for the required staff, allotted staff and desired staff were also provided. School Resources Introduction The aim of schools at Newton County in Georgia State is to offer learning excellence to every child. Georgia State ensures that every occupant is entitled to enhanced education since better education is the right for every inhabitant. Therefore, for the state government to fulfill this aspect, it ensures that students receive better education across the state. This is through deploying teachers with effective education skills and offering them, better incentives to enable them deliver effective services. Every state constitution ensures that every citizen has the right to education; thus, the states play significant roles in ensuring that there are fair and equitable financial resources vital for enabling teachers to deliver effective services to students (LexiNexis, 2013). The financial resources, which is available in every state has two parts including the revenue and the expenditure sides. Funds have been on increase and many fundraisers have been dedicated to varied schools in order to make education work better for all citizens. Financial Resources State The financial resources of the school will include the revenue and expenditure since these accounts for the significant part of the state money. The funding revenue taxes are produced by the states and these are allocated for varied activities at the local schools. For instance, the high school local 5 mills are 197, 117, 287 and this indicates that 1 mill is worthy 39423457.4 dollars (Barge, 2013). These accounts for the total funds generated to meet the total expenses, which is often not funded by the federal or state government. Newton district received state funds of about $ 10, 009,047 for learning purposes in the current year (GaDOE, 2013). The QBE (Quality Basic Education), which is salary and operating cost for high school grade 9-12, is $ 11, 390,203. The FTE (full-time equivalent) is approximated 3, 741; thus a teacher teaching in high school will earn approximately $2,744. 80 (Barge, 2013). Federal The federal funding for schools in the current year is $ 1, 814, 00 to Newton County and direct transfer for federal revenue is $ 91. 000 (Barge, 2013). The federal government transfer of income, which is provided to the Georgia state, can be categorized in varied ways. The child nutrition act is estimated at $ 580, 000, safe and drug fee to schools is $ 8.000, children with disabilities act is $ 360, 000, vocational and technological education is $ 35,000 and other federal funding is estimated at $ 238,000. The federal government to enable the local schools to meet the needs of students with disabilities meets more than 5 percent of funds for locals; these funds are generated form tax collections and the QBE act makes the decisions about the funding. Therefore, the local system should provide FTE enrollment of students in order to enable the federal government deliver the state funding effectively. This is because the state funding relies heavily on full-time equivalent report. Therefore, it is necessary for a student in Newton County to report in class at least for ten to fifteen days before the FTE report is taken. This is vital because the funding available for every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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School Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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