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The effects of Behaviour Management on Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education - Essay Example

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The Effects of Behaviour Management on Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education Table of Contents Introduction 3 Focus of Behaviour Management 5 Effects of Behaviour Management on Learning and Teaching 11 Analysis with Steer and Taylor Report 14 Conclusion 16 References 18 Bibliography 23 Introduction Fields (2004, p…
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The effects of Behaviour Management on Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education
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Extract of sample "The effects of Behaviour Management on Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education"

Download file to see previous pages It has been fundamentally inspired by this virtue of behaviour management that it has today emerged as one of the major elements adopted by teachers in the pedagogy education system with the intention of improving the behaviour of learners (Rogers, 2007, p. 1-27). Notably, as pedagogy deal with young minds which are again attributed with high instability and curiosity, making the learners focused on a particular subject becomes a noteworthy challenge. Hence, teachers can be benefitted by obtaining better control on the behavioural traits of the learners which can assist in motivating the students to enhance their behavioural skills and consequently, build their future career prospects. However, the application of behaviour management initiatives is subjected to various factors among which the learning environment is often argued as one of the most crucial elements (Fields, 2004, p. 4-8). As argued by Rogers (2007, p. 1-27), an effective learning environment needs to be developed with the aim of conveying the rights as well as the responsibilities that are necessary for generating better disciplined school and classroom atmosphere and therefore implementing effective behavioural management strategies. It is in this regard that teachers, when applying the theories of modern pedagogy, attempt to introduce as well as execute certain developing and disciplinary programs for the purpose of motivating the learners to develop behavioural traits, appropriate for their promising future (Rogers, 2007, p. 1-27). As can be observed, the major objective of behaviour management is to ensure that the learners are able to acquire appropriate qualities and knowledge in accordance with which they will be able to determine the differences between pessimistic and optimistic influencing factors. Along with developing the behavioural skills of learners, it is also essential that the teachers are equipped with effective behavioural factors in order to ensure that they are able to impart appropriate educational knowledge and develop their skills successfully to the desired level. Additionally, it has also been often argued that with the help of behavioural management, teachers can develop the perceptions as well as influence the conscience of the learners which can further contribute towards minimising the involvement of those learners in conducting any sort of anti-social activities (Rogers, 2007, p. 1-27). In other words, with the help of behavioural management, learners’ behavioural traits can be developed in a more responsible as well as conscious way. With this concern, this paper intends to discuss the importance of behaviour management. Moreover, the effects of behaviour management on teaching as well as learning will be taken into concern. In this regard, the effects of behaviour management will be analysed by considering certain important reports like Steer and Taylor Reports among others. Focus of Behaviour Management In the context of education system, behaviour management is often viewed to be an important practice and discipline for the development of positive attitudes, skills and behaviours of students or learners. This particular aspect is recognised to be dependent on various values as well as aims according to which the learning programs and policies are formulated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effects of Behaviour Management on Teaching and Learning in Essay.
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