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Does age effect performance in Distance Learning Classes - Research Paper Example

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Does age effect performance in Distance Learning Classes Name Professor Institution Course Date Issue Description Undeniably, technological knowhow advancement, thus far, in the present world has prompted to the attainment of varied services easily and with convenience…
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Does age effect performance in Distance Learning Classes
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Extract of sample "Does age effect performance in Distance Learning Classes"

Download file to see previous pages However, certain students’ characteristics presently have led to the emergence of numerous heated debates based on academic performances that entail intensive research. These embrace age, gender, ethnic background and student’s background. The aspects according to numerous personalities’ arguments raised, thus far, cite to have contributed to either failing or excelling of students among those undertaking distance learning especially age (Urtel, 2008). Opposing Perspectives (Pros and Cons) Arguments raised by some people and scholars like Urtel (2008), cite older students tend to perform better than younger people do academically when undertaking distance learning. This is because of their effective study skills that they have attained over the years, which is contrary to the young people (Urtel, 2008). Therefore, according to him age does not have any effect on performance when undertaking distance learning. Conversely, opposing arguments claim the young people because of growing up in a technological knowhow that is advancing by the day; they are proficient in using it almost in all aspects of their lives including learning (Bender, Smith & Project Muse, 2008). Hence, making them excel academically compared to the older students due to their heightened expertise in searching using internet while doing their respective researches. My stand My position is that age affects performance in these classes based on the aspect of technological knowhow. The younger students are more familiar with the technology and with online interactions than those who have advanced (30-40) in years. Therefore, they have heighted advantage in accessing unlimited and most recent pool of resourceful materials online when undertaking their researches. Hence, they spent less time when searching for certain information meant to complete their tasks throughout their respective courses compared to those who have older students. Since, the latter due to unfamiliarity with diverse resourceful forums online, majority of them become stuck almost in every attempt before becoming conversant with the system they are using. This is evident when using online libraries whereby the latter are usually conversant with physical libraries, which to date majority use to supplement their researches whereas the younger prefer fast internet libraries (Liu, 2008). This prompts younger people to excel because they solely rely on online information (mostly scholarly), which is current compared to what older students may get from their physical libraries. Since, the latter intensively use what they are proficient in to attain the required information, which is their physical library. Presently, online forums have increased young people’s interactions whereby they can share varied and essential information irrespective of their regions with the intention of aiding them excel in academics (Liu, 2008). This is evident with online libraries like Phoenix besides other social sites where they share tips on how to undertake varied studies or researches. This is hard to old students because they end up disregarding some forums citing they are busy or see the talk (between the young people while chatting) as insignificant. Through these forums and social sites, young people end up increasing their internet savvy expertise, which is essential in aiding them while undertaking distance courses. Since, they will not only be internet savvy but also attain useful information concerning their respective fields, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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