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Public school education vs. Private school education - Essay Example

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This paper “Public school education vs. Private school education” presents an overall view of the conflict between public schools and private schools in US, along with advantages and shortcomings of each. It also attempts to peek into the future course of this conflict…
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Public school education vs. Private school education
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"Public school education vs. Private school education"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, political instability, polarization of labor market, increased competition due to admission of minority and underprivileged students has decreased popularity of public schools (Pedro, 392- 395). This paper presents an overall view of the conflict between public schools and private schools in US, along with advantages and shortcomings of each. The paper also attempts to peek into the future course of this conflict. Public schools possess the reputation of not practicing discrimination among students regarding fees and other formalities (Porter, 2). These schools consider education as a social right and ensure proper functioning of democracy by imparting proper educations. This goes in line with government policies of development and mass higher education (Pedro, 394). As government has refused to fund public schools like previous times, the schools have undertaken the course of eliminating educational programs. Courses and supportive programs like music, foreign languages, athletics, library facilities, medical and healthcare facilities, psychologists are curtailed (Pedro, 239). Thus, students from these schools are less likely to success in a competitive environment. On top of this, public schools are “fraught with politics, tangled in bureaucracy and fragmented” (Simon). Private schools believe in the system of constant evaluation and control. Tests held on a regular basis do not allow the students to get defocused. Intensified discipline and schoolwork make students a better citizen of tomorrow. Private schools constantly inspire their students for better performance by means of “grade promotion, graduation and scholarship” programs. Due to a wide variety of curriculums, students excel in other skills also apart from formal education. Thus, it becomes easier for them to perform during their professional lives (Testing, Privatization, and the Future of Public Schooling). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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