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Benefits of a Private School Education - Research Paper Example

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The author of the research paper "Benefits of a Private School Education" reflects whether private schools are any better as opposed to public schools. Private schools compel charges that are way too expensive when compared to public schools that are often completely free. …
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Benefits of a Private School Education
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"Benefits of a Private School Education"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research paper "Benefits of a Private School Education" findings, many public schools which are located in affluent areas can be just as focused and just as well funded as private schools; it is in the urban areas where the most differences can be seen. Private schools also generally have fewer incidences of drugs, dropouts, and violence, most possibly due to the increased level of commitment of parents who send their children to private schools to have every advantage. Private schools have far fewer disciplinary issues to contend with, and the number play a very significant role. With fewer students, there are going to be fewer problems, but there are other reasons as well. Since private schools are not required to accept students or retain them, they can simply expel disruptive students. Only those unerringly meeting their standards both academically and behaviorally are benefited to stay. Public schools are not as privileged since public education is considered an entitlement. Further, since parents are aware that they pay for their children’s tuition, then they also play a part in making their children behave and do school work. Students in private schools are more focused on particular projects and school activities because of the diversity in the curriculum and so they tend to become well-balanced individuals. There are far fewer reports of drug abuse and violence per student in private schools. Public schools also tend to deal with students as a whole, rather that on an individual basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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