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Format of instruction - Essay Example

Techniques for large and small group teaching In the thought of Surgenor (2010) silent reflection is one of the major methods of teaching small and large groups. In the silent reflection, learners are given a chance to internalize concepts then give their thoughts regarding the same. A teacher may ask the learners to give their opinions regarding the use of language among men and women, after having introduced the topic. The teacher then moves on ensuring the learners discuss and share information in their various groups; thus, gain reaction on the same. Learning will have taken place through dialogue even for the introvert learners. The teacher may opt to move round the groups assessing what each person has compiled after a session, in the case of a group not being too large. In the instance of TESO/ELL and elementary areas under discussion, the learner must have first hand familiarity with the teacher, so as to articulate words well and perform tasks by hand respectively. Teaching speakers who are proficient in other languages as seen in the work of Larson & Keiper (2011), a mix of small and large group discussions helps the learners feel more engaged in a participation of learning. The instructor may opt to use visuals in teaching, as well as permit the learners time to evaluate the learning materials before grouping them in large groups as ELL deals with learners who are not proficient in English and TESO. The learners are then able to acquaint themselves with the language outlines

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in their mixed ability groupings (Larson & Keiper, 2011; Richards, 2002). Richards & Rodgers (2001) are of the opinion that for language teaching to be successful, tasks and groups has to be formulated. This involves discussion teaching method. Discussions allow the learners give their opinions regarding a particular concept and compare the same with other people’s opinions (Surgenor, 2010). This develops understanding of concepts taught in language and elementary subjects as the learners are stimulated to think relate concepts and reinforce their ability to analyze and synthesize concepts taught in class (Surgenor, 2010). Brainstorming is yet another method of teaching small and large groups (Surgenor, 2010). This method allows for creative thinking among the group members, in an attempt to look for solutions for problems. Group members are encouraged to contribute as much information as possible to the group, and have quick responses to the same. This is a good method of ensuring that learning of new concepts both in ELL, TESO and elementary studies is possible. Through generating ideas, it is possible that the learners use the same to solve problem solving tasks (Richards, 2002). According to Surgenor (2010) snowballing is another useful method of instruction for the language and elementary learners working in groups. The educator begins by giving the learners simple tasks such as introductory questions, questions on the previous lectures, then ask them to form groups that can be useful in undertaking more complicated tasks (Surgenor, 2010). The learners may be asked to come up with a relevant feedback based on assimilation and assessment of the theme in question. The fishbowls then are the exact representation of the buzz groups to come up with feedback for the entire group in the learning setting (Surgenor, 2010). With the use of the fishbowls, it is possible to incorporate the large


Format of instruction Name Institution Tutor Date Format of instruction In the thought of Klapper (2001), some approaches are more reliable in certain situations depending on the type of students and the curricular conditions in various cultural backgrounds…
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Format of instruction
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