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Exploring Learning - Essay Example

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Learning Strategies Name: Institution: Learning Strategies Introduction There are new forms of learning that have been invented to make learning easier. Learning strategies are used to help learners better understand what is being taught in school. It has been noted that many students have developed learning disorders in the recent years…
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Exploring Learning
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Download file to see previous pages These approaches are important as they give an idea of what different students go through when learning. The approaches have been described by scholars as being able to give a clear distinction between the different learners. Thus, it is mandatory for a teacher to learn and understand these approaches so as to make their students excel and make the most out of themselves (Cooper, 2009). Deep and surface approaches were postulated through in the nineteenth century. These approaches were first carried out by Marton and Saljo in 1976. The two scholars carried a study on a number of students and their learning approach. They gave the sample study a particular task, to read a particular text. After they had all read the text, they were asked questions based on what they had read. The students adopted different methods to understanding the text. Different groups adopted different methods of learning. One group adopted the deep approach and another adopted surface approach of learning. This was evident by how the questions were answered after the students had read the text (Murdoch & Wilson, 2008). In answering the questions, the first group displayed that they had understood fully the text while the second group had a vague understanding of the text. This showed a clear distinction. ...
Deep learning approach as the word suggests involves the process of having a critical understanding of what is being taught. The students that fall under this category critically analyze concepts and principles, leading to proper understanding that is used in the long-term. It has been noted that for this approach to work, a student needs to be dedicated for a long time. They need to start reading early in advance so that they can understand better what they need to cover. It is the best method that learners should use (Cooper, 2009). This method ensures that the learning method is effective as learners will have benefitted fully from the learning process. Surface learning approach on the other hand is meant for short term retention of information. It mainly involves memorization of facts. The approach does not promote use of knowledge in the long term. The knowledge or information is only crammed briefly. This particular approach is used normally during examinations, especially when the student is not prepared. They want to quickly learn enough information to help them pass the examination. When the reader has done the examination, he or she usually forgets quickly what they have learnt. This learning approach is not advocated for as students do not grasp the knowledge for long (Jarvis, 2005). There are however some instances where it is embraced. An example is when a person is doing a presentation; it applies once the presentation has been done and in case the idea has been rejected, they can quickly switch to a new idea. The third learning approach is the strategic approach. This method is applied whenever necessary. It is a combination of both methods. However, the learner makes a decision on which method they should apply. This all depends on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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