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Utah University is a public funded university that is located in Orem in the United States. The school started back in the year 1941 but by then it was a college. The school attained it full certificate as a university in the year 2008…
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Utah Valley University
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UTAH VALLEY Utah is a public funded that is located in Orem in the United s. The school started back in the year 1941 but by then it was a college. The school attained it full certificate as a university in the year 2008. The school has so far enrolled a total of 33,395 students. This is one of the best institutions in the states. Their main key is to ensure the students get their best by provide quality education. Education is the most essential, fundamental and a must to any person for education is the source of knowledge and can improve one ultimately as you step up in each stage that is prepared for a long time and for future.   The acquaintance that has been thought will be passed down up to the coming invention. It truly illustrates that teaching is a treasure for each person. Education is something that can inform you from the lowest up to the highest information that could help you achieve your ambition and goals even how hard it is. But how education is be attained and sustained if it costs too high. Like any other individuals, students are pursuing our right in every ways, delivering their thoughts and standing for what is due. The students live side by side of their school system; adhere to what is executed, grasp what has been told and act allegedly. The students are the basic unit of the Utah university and they should be valued, cared and needs be sustained to supplement their acquaintance and skills in order to have cooperation in uplifting the school environment and the studding situation of every student in the institution. Tuition fee has become the main problem that’s affecting most of the students in the institution. The increase in education fee every year means that more money is added to student’s loan to pay for their tuition fees or more money comes out of their pocket toward your tuition fees. So if a student budgets a confident amount of money for his or her whole course of schoolwork, that student will have to add an extra amount of money to the earlier budget in order to be able to pay his or her schooling fees. In some institutions, sometime high tuition fees mean that when you don’t pay while you are in school, this increase the amount of interest the student has to pay back and the amount of time paying back the loan. Sometimes high tuition fees may motivate students, which means they will never take their studies for granted. Although most students find it difficult to actually continue their studies due to financial problems which totally make the student less motivated. Most students are discouraged about considering going to university because they feel they can’t meet up with the payment of high fees. The tuition fee has increased with eight percent for the last years this has made it hard for the newly enrolled students and the old students in the school to continue pursuing with their education. However there has been a ten percentage drop in the students who fail to go to school due to the increment. There are other fields that have seen a great increment like in the fields of engineering and nursing. These two fields have seen a drop in students due to the cost of pursuing them. Most students who are not capable of paying the cost prefer dropping out of school rather than pursing a second option course. However there are many ways that the school management can do so as to reduce the cost of tuition fee for the students and help them purse their courses without high expenses. That is by the improvising of technological advances in data management, online courseware and e-text books these three things can see a dramatic change in the high cost of tuition fee but only if well implemented. First, university needs assurance that there is a sustainable basis of funding. Ongoing funding for scholars courses embed a long-term financial difficulty on the taxpayer. The university should be encouraged to put up donations to engender investment earnings. This will lead to more sheltered funding, progressively reducing the requirement for management grants. To help the university build up these endowments, they should extend schemes to encourage graduates and philanthropists to give to then university. For institutions wishing to pioneer these changes, a matched funding scheme could replace their grant. WORK CITED Buckley, Jay H, and Chase Arnold. Orem. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Pub, 2010. Print. Read More
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