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Learning and development in working with young people - Essay Example

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Name of Tutor Part 1: Main features of Madcap people Describe Madcap Madcap is a centre with projects that involves youngsters with ideas to express and things to do but lacks the means and abilities to accomplish them. The centre helps in modeling what young people already have an interest in by giving them a means of achieving them…
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Learning and development in working with young people
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Extract of sample "Learning and development in working with young people"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, Madcap main idea is to assist these groups of young children by allowing them to explore themselves and put their ideas into practice and things they want to achieve by giving them the opportunity (Steve, Madcap Sequence, 7). Practices and Work There are a number of practices involved in this learning centre as it comprises of different young people with diversified interest to pursue. Because of this, the youngsters work in music projects on their own as the learning centre gives them support towards achieving their ideas. The workers help them in building confidence to enable them cope with their ideas and realize the value of their own ideas. Thereafter, the workers leave them to allow them exploit the opportunities. The workers role is to give them the opportunity and assist them with minimal help towards realizing their ideas. Similarly, the youngsters undergo gauging to make them have insights of what they are involved by shedding more light into their own projects (Steve, Madcap Sequence, 7). This is a practice meant at ensuring that youngsters develop insights and understand their projects more so music to better their values and outcomes as well as to bring what is good about it. Madcap is concerned with recording music produced by the youngsters. It offers the available support to its youngsters to enable then listen and produce their music to meet their objectives. From the scripts, James came to record his music by recording it with the help of Steve who is one of the workers responsible for their training (James, Madcap Sequence 1). The role of the worker is to ensure the availability of recording equipments and facilities. Therefore, the main role is played by the youngsters in ensuring they achieve their dream from the assistance got from workers. In Madcap, the workers are not judgmental, and this aims to promote their talents by encouraging them to doing what inessential for them. Creativity of the youngsters is promoted in the projects in the initial stages, as they are kept smiling and feeling the sense that their ideas have values. Youngsters also role out the plans, which outlines what is taking place and ways of achieving them. This may comprise of different activities besides just completing the project offered by the learning centre. They also give the centre the details of the purpose of what it they want to achieve from their projects. Their goals may be to develop a compact disk (cd), live performance or just to set lyrics and the centre helps them towards achieving (Steve, Madcap Sequence, 7). Madcap provides assistances to youngsters in different activities that they have developed interests. It empowers the youngsters on how they can develop their talents, come up with raw ideas, and help them achieve. The project discourages duplication of ideas as it wants to help young people come with new projects, which are unique and do not exist (Man in Cap, Madcap Sequence, 2). Because of this, the centre discourages mixing music and asks youngsters to come with unique ways of arranging instruments used in mixing to make it a unique idea. From this perspective, they help young people in playing instruments mostly guitars (Girl Madcap Sequence, 2). The project coaches students towards realizing their potentials and developing ideas they have by giving them necessary support where they experience challenges. The work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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