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Maritime Logistics - Essay Example

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Maritime Logistics Name: Course: Tutor: Date: US East and Gulf Coast Port Strikes The US East Coast witnesses a myriad of economic activities within the major ports along the coastal line. In the recent past, news about port workers strike resulted in unprecedented challenges to stakeholders involved in international import-export trade…
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Maritime Logistics
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Download file to see previous pages Both parties sought to develop a solution meant to avert a strike, which would cause a substantial economic and social impact on East and Gulf Coast citisens and other business stakeholders. One port in eastern Florida employs approximately 64,000 workers on full-time and casual labour jobs. Staging of a strike means that the port will suffer an economic predicament for an indefinite period of time – certainly until authorities address the workers’ issues. According to maritime statistics, the port generates approximately $1 billion daily in form of gross domestic revenue to the US economy. This means that downing of tools by port workers will affect Florida residents because of the $1 billion revenue gap created on a daily basis. Among the stakeholders affected are export merchants involved in production and sale of agricultural produces. Norilsk (2012) argues that prolonged wrangles between workers and employers in the port will affect Florida farmers and other industrial businesses that depend on the port for business activities. Efforts were made by the Longshoremen Association to pursue federal government into stopping the strike in the event that the parties could not reach an agreement. Despite these efforts, legal proceedings within the Florida judicial system allowed workers to continue with the strike. The courts arrived at this decision after considering the provisions availed by proportionate workers’ right in accordance with the Trade Union Ordinance. Therefore, the next step would be to appraise the economic and social impact that will result from the strike. Ports in Supply Chain Management Maritime technical operations indicate that ports play a significant role in international supply chain management. Supply chain management entails integration of technology, information, and manpower skills in facilitating the movement of products from the producer’s premises to the different types of consumers in the market. Wang (2007) states that the role played by supply chain management at the international business platform became more pronounced as a result of increased globalisation. Currently, these chains enhance synchronisation of business activities between trading partners. Supply chains facilitate flow of goods and information from one region to another. As a result, export companies can acquire relevant information meant to make future business decisions. From an economic perspective, producers will adjust their production likes based on consumer patterns observed in their market segments. On the other hand, consumers will only benefit in their trade relationship if they stay abreast of latest developments within the producers environment. This means that international supply chains are charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining day-to-day movement of goods and information between trading regions. In the context of international supply chain management, ports play a key role as a source of relevant logistical infrastructure. Ports provide a suitable environment where buyers meet sellers. In this regard, involved stakeholders could adjust their business activities in relation to the dictates of supply and demand witnessed in ports. Supply inclines towards the trends created by the demand of goods and services within the consumer market. In this case, some producers wait ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maritime Logistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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