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The Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Integration on Maritime Transportation - Research Proposal Example

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The main feature of the integrated logistics system is to enable smooth functioning of manufacturing, utilizing and allocation, or it is seen to act as a supply chain of products and services. Incorporated and faultless logistics will be able to participate a vital character in…
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The Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Integration on Maritime Transportation
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Integration on Maritime Transportation"

Download file to see previous pages The oceanic containers make sure liveliness of consignments and several ports are bestowed to this expertise and as a result, strengthen their position as a key hub center. There have been a number of convergences of “Maritime Transportation” with Maritime Logistics, and which can be attributed to the objective integration of the modes of transport obsessed by the packaging and the growing needs of the end-users, which demands the use of logistics concepts (Edgerton, 2013, p. 25).
To study and evaluate the contemporary technologies of integrated cargo transportation by sea and land, in combination with the port, maritime and ground transportation technologies, new communication and information technologies, shipment forwarding as well as warehousing techniques. These will be done according to the flows of commodities and shipment itinerary abiding with the basic principles of logistics of timeliness, security and competence, and keeping harmony with national and international maritime law.
Demand for uninterrupted freight and “transportation” methods for the upcoming concept of “supply chain” and logistics integration is increasingly rapidly (Edgerton, 2013, p. 25). The unending problems of congestion faced by road transport and the limitation of the rail transport networks have resulted in a development of more effective integrated transporting solution.
Supply chain integration stands for an assuring but complicated tool, which is still growing as a weapon in the global industry place. To maintain this maturation procedure, more supply chain research is required to expose the critical barriers of the integration procedure. “Maritime transportation” industry is a vital industry whose significance is being increasingly recognised in the global trading practices (Edgerton, 2013, p. 25).
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The Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Integration on Maritime Research Proposal.
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