Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works - Assignment Example

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This report is based on the professional development activity which has been focused on participating in an online workshop. I selected this particular professional development activity for participating in an online workshop…
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Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works
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"Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works"

The major advantages of technology in the educational sector can be characterized into various factors which are significantly focused towards enhancing learners’ skills in different dimensions (Garet, Porter, Desimone, Birman & Yoon, 2001). In relation to the aforementioned factors, the professional development activity in this report fits the self-directed model which enables teachers to choose their own effective professional development activities (Cercone, 2008). The benefits of this model can be identified from the perspective of Cercone (2008). For instance, self-directed professional learning model significantly help professionals to enhance their learning skills through continuous discussions held online, may be through forums or chat-rooms regarding various concerns. The informal vision in the professional development model also provides enormous support of finding experienced and highly skilled colleagues through the use of internet disregarding the challenges of geographical divergences and thereby giving a wider scope to the learners in obtaining adequate knowledge in the concerned subject area (Cercone, 2008). Read More
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Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works Assignment.
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