How does new technology affect education - Essay Example

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The acceptance level by people embracing or dealing with a given mode of technology greatly influences their respective performances in both working and learning settings. In this case, individuals’ attitude in regards to a certain technology is quite evident in their results…
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How does new technology affect education
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Annotated Bibliography Buche, Mari W., Davis, Larry R. & Vician, Chelley. Does Technology Acceptance Affect E- learning in a Non-Technology-Intensive Course?. Journal Of Information Systems Education, 23.1 (2012): 41-50.
The acceptance level by people embracing or dealing with a given mode of technology greatly influences their respective performances in both working and learning settings. In this case, individuals’ attitude in regards to a certain technology is quite evident in their results. Hence, people known to have low academic proficiency will end up performing poorly due to their low acceptance level of a certain technology. This is especially in a learning settings whereby one ought t present or utilize a certain preferred mode of technology to present his or her work.
Reed, Robert H. & Dave Berque, A.. The Impact of Tablet Pcs and Pen-Based Technology on Education: Going Mainstream, 2010. West Lafayette, Ind: Purdue University Press, 2010. Print.
Currently, the education sector is experiencing a rapid transition whereby different disciplines are embracing Tablet PCs as well as similar pen-based gadgets. This is to enhance both teaching and learning processes, which is contrary to the past whereby their respective modes encompassed physical interaction between the student and tutors. Evidence of the emerging impact of new technological knowhow was quite evident in 5Th workshop held in Virginia in 2010. This was through varied presentations by different intellectuals whose information comprises this book.
Goldin, Claudia D. & Lawrence F. Katz. The Race between Education and Technology. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008. Internet resource.
For the past eight decades in 20Th period before 1980s, educated worker’s curve depicted an upward trend. However, the demand for them was not that high as compared to the current state, which is the contrary. Due to high education before 1980s, this prompted to the emergency of numerous people who were well off, hence becoming the richest region globally. However, that trend currently has ceased whereby due to the rapid technological change states are facing the shortage of skilled labour force.
Casey, Jean M. Creating the Early Literacy Classroom: Activities for Using Technology to Empower Elementary Students. Englewood, Colo: Libraries Unlimited, 2000. Print.
Introducing technological knowhow to children is of great importance in ensuring they are ready to tackle other varied aspects during their education. This is especially in tackling varied subjects as well as doing researches at a later period, which is more beneficial compared to when they learn of using technology later. However, this takes the effort of well trained tutors in the mode of implementing technology as per the children or student’s capability, which Casey outline in this book. Implementing in this case encompasses considering 90 activities, which Casey advocates in this research for each child starting from as early as three years.
Cennamo, Katherine., Ross, John & Ertmer, Peggy. Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use. Stamford: Published by Cengage Learning, 2013. Print.
The source offers detailed information meant to equip any learning person with necessary studying and leadership skills. The former skills encompass confidence, creativity and being able to navigate the constantly evolving environment due to emergent technologies. Hence, equip a person with self-directed principles that will not only help him or her in learning but also while in the professional field. To learn self-directed principles, tutors ought to come up with effective integration methods whereby some are evident in the end of this source.
Pathak, R. P. Educational Technology. New Delhi: Pearson Education India, n.d. Print.
Pathak relays information on various ways in which technology can aid in the improving learning standards. Apart from systematically identifying and elaborating goals that could result from embracing technology, he outlines varied contexts in which learning can adequately take place with the use varied aids. These include audios and simulated teaching carried out by tutors but with the use of appropriate procedures. This is to respond to the call by varied educational institutions’ department that ET is essential in any learning setting.
Pitler, Howard, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, and Matt Kuhn. Using Technology with Classroom Instruction That Works. Alexandria, Va: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2012. Print.
Pitler relays information on various forms on how technology integration can be of beneficial in maximizing the rate of student learning and engagement. It further provides intensive and descriptive information on various forms in which technology can be used in a move to enhance quality instructions for proper comprehension of classroom work. This is to align with the current rapid changing trend of technological knowhow though with the use nine outlined strategies in this book. Read More
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