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Relationships in working with young people - Essay Example

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Relationships in Working with Young People Relationships play a vital role in a working environment especially in enhancing communication. Most organisations that have a healthy relationship with the youth perform better as opposed to organisations that do not strengthen their relationships…
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Relationships in working with young people
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Download file to see previous pages Many organisations have been on the forefront in ensuring this is a prevalent occasion as it cements the functionality of the same organisation. For instance, this project was developed to assist the youth in the working environment (The factory sequence 3: Paul’s perspective, 3’00’’). This was to improve their working environment and ensure they are comfortable with what was offered. In making this a reality, the project manager approached working youth and engaged the youth in lengthy talks. This was initiated to get information on what they needed and how they wanted it. Therefore, it openly states that communication was an ideal aspect in getting to know what the youth need in the working environment. There are many issues youth have to deal with, including employment. This is an issue that is affecting a number of families in the society. To save the situation, youths have to look for other avenues of looking for employment. This includes the informal sector, where youths have to start working to support their families. Aggressive and creative youths have to look for employment in supporting their younger siblings. This includes fending for their food, clothing, and getting enough cash to send them to school. In most cases, youths of age 16 and 17 have to look for employment to get more resources. ...
In some instances, youths save enough cash and pursue their higher education later in life. This means that all is not lost, especially when youths have networks and can make strong relationships in the informal sector. Building a relationship with the youth does not cost a lot in terms of money. When building a relationship with the youth, you only need to engage in dialogue, talk about issues and make lasting friendship (The factory sequence 2: Kawsar’s perspective, 00’04’’). This is done on a frequent basis where the youth meet, exchange ideas and make decisions. This does not involve use of resources as it is a social activity. However, the issue of resources chips in when they have to make a project from their ideas. In such a case, the only resource that is spent is time. The youth have to spare enough time to relate, talk, dialogue and exchange ideas with other youth. As much as a project is in the offing, the youth will have a stronger bond and relationship. In making a strong relationship with the youth in the streets and factories, the project initiators engaged in frequent talks. These lively talks made a concrete bond between the youth and the project initiators. Since they communicated on a frequent basis, they gathered substantial information that could be used in developing the project. The relationship between the youth and the project initiators was enhanced by an agreement point. This is where the project initiators respected the needs of the youth and had to make better ways of giving the youths what they need. In continuous interaction with the youth, the project initiators discovered that the youth had wider perspectives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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