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Adaptive and Assistive Technologies - Research Paper Example

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Technology can help level the playing domain for different types of learners. Assistive and adaptive technologies as well as modifications can enable and empower learners with diverse backgrounds and disabilities. …
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Adaptive and Assistive Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages Technologies such as software and hardware can promote computer access for individuals with disabilities and diverse backgrounds. Assistive and adaptive technology resolutions may comprise readily available, undemanding modifications, for example, a specified blend of hardware and software such as those required for Braille or voice output, or utilizing built-in access appliances on regular computers. In addition, developments in technology give novel alternatives for people with disabilities and diverse backgrounds to take part in and complete assignments. Assistive and adaptive technologies also assist several learners to connect with others, access information, and share in manners that may not be possible without them. It is significant for all instructors to utilize assistive and adaptive technologies that permit all learners to reach their capabilities (Beukelman & Mirenda, 2005). This paper will look at a research that is focused on improving cognitive functioning and memory in adult learners. Question A The instructional setting is online course delivery. The research concentrates on enhancing cognitive functioning and memory in adult learners. The target population for this instructional unit is made up of returning students that are over the age of 24, who have a gap in their education between secondary and postsecondary enrollment. These individuals are seeking to enhance their abilities to foster their all round performance within a learning environment. Students participating in the instructional unit can read and write and have a general education level background at the post-secondary level. In addition, all individuals must be currently enrolled in an online learning environment. Also, individuals should have basic level technological skills including the ability to utilize the Internet. Individuals must also have the capacity to identify numbers and basic images that are effortlessly recognizable by the student population when displayed on a computer screen. No additional knowledge or skills are required to successfully accomplish the instructional unit. Question B IPhone and Mp3 players The Iphone and Mp3 players are significant tools for learners with different categories of disabilities. There are a number of applications that can be downloaded or installed into the Iphone which learners can have at all times. These devices may be utilized by learners at their desks. These can be of significance to learners who want to correspond with others. An Mp3 player is also convenient for these learners (Beukelman & Mirenda, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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