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MATH AND SCIENCE CURRICULUM By 13th, January 2013 Different schools adopt varying standards in their curriculum, depending on their location and their goals. The objectives of a school’s curriculum are bold and made available to both students and teachers, to ensure a collective participation of both student and teachers in the attainment of these objectives…
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This paper specifically reviews information about PK-12 Math and Science curriculum, including their scope and sequence of objectives, in specific school districts. The San Diego Unified School District is the second largest in California with a diverse population, and serves more than 100,000 students from pre-school to grade 12. This school district teaches a variety of subjects to its students at different levels. Since the school prides in academic success, it takes seriously its curriculum, which has been primarily set to adhere to the Californian common core standards since 2001. The school therefore, adheres to these core standards by making an annual publication of the district course study, K-12. This is done in collaboration with the curriculum departments, different instructional programs, and the accountability office (“San Diego Unified District School”). At the San Diego School District, Mathematics is regarded as the study of numbers. Therefore, the mathematics department of this school district has its main objective as that of providing important skills in mathematics to its students. Another object is the provisions of effective education to the students, enabling them reach their optimum level of understanding and applying mathematics (“San Diego Unified District School”). The content of the Mathematics curriculum varies in this district school, depending on the level of grade. Across grades K-12, the students’ understanding of the curriculum content is built. This includes the concepts in mathematics, number sense, and operations, measurement in mathematics, geometry, data analysis, probability, statistics, and functions and algebra. In addition, the students are expected to develop proficiency in the processes involved in Mathematics. These include literacy in the quantitative aspect of mathematics, problem-solving skills, computational literacy, representational use, making connections, communication skills, and using reason and proof. These processes are important as they serve as the tools and habits, which students can use to effectively solve mathematical problems, as well as other problems (“San Diego Unified District School”). The San Diego Unified School District defines Science as the study of facts, principles, and theories that describe the world around us. The main objective of the science curriculum in this school district is that, students gain more than just the understanding of basic science concepts. They must also understand the history of scientific theories and their development, as well as the generation and refining of scientific information. Another objective is that students be in a position to differentiate between science and non-science (“San Diego Unified District School”). The San Diego Unified School District ensures that its students acquire this scientific knowledge as well as scientific skills by exposing them to a variety of science-oriented activities. For instance, students are made to participate in scientific inquiries. This activity introduces diversity in the science curriculum, as students are not only confined to the traditional method of laboratory. Students also conduct a variety of Read More
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