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The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum” the author believes that if we took and applied some of the math standards to the science curriculum, we could easily help the science proficiency become more sufficient in how it meets student’s needs…
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The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum
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Extract of sample "The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum"

One of the first methods from the math standards that I would immediately adopt is the use of technology to help the student learn. Science is another technical learning area, and be incorporating as much technology as possible teachers can allow students to work for hands-on certain areas that they may not otherwise be able to understand completely. One of these pieces of technology would be the scientific calculator, which is used quite a bit during the math curriculum. Using this tool in science class helps students take the calculator technology they already know from math class and much more easily implement it into science class.
The other technological part of the math curriculum that I believe would also help students in science class would be the use of computers. The math standards have students starting in the computer as low as the elementary grades, which are shown to greatly benefit student achievement. Science class could adopt these same standards and practices in order to help get science achievement to where math achievement is.
My last thought would be to better integrate the two curriculums in order to help students succeed in both areas. Overlapping ideas thought process and calculations from math class into science class can help students better implement the idea and use them skillfully in both classes. Only then will students be able to make the connections needs to implement math in science class, and take the formulas and thinking from science and apply it proficiently into math class. Read More
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(The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum Personal Statement, n.d.)
The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum Personal Statement.
(The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum Personal Statement)
The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum Personal Statement.
“The Math Standards to the Science Curriculum Personal Statement”.
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