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The author of the paper states that he graduated from the school in 2010 and since then received no formal education as such. There is a gap of 3 years between the author's graduation year and his year of application. The reason behind this was primarily financial…
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Educational Gap Reason
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Download file to see previous pages My parents always wanted to provide me with the best education and never set limitations on my desires. They wanted me to complete my higher studies from a good institution. I, as a child always wanted to study business, that too from a renowned institute in the United State of America. However, for an Indian middle-class family like mine, it is really difficult to overcome the financial barrier and then bear the burden of it. My family’s monthly income is roughly $2000 and my parents brought up the idea of loans exclusively to pay for my fees and fulfill my desire of receiving foreign education; however, my father always considered my comfort first and was worried that it would be difficult for me to settle in the US on a tight budget. I too understood this and did not want to pressurize my family to pay for my fees because I could not stand the idea of studying in the US by exerting any financial pressure on my family. However, studying business was not a mere wanting but was, and is a passion. I could not give up my dream of studying business in the US so I came up with an idea that not only helped me earn money but also gave me hands-on experience in setting up and controlling my own business. I learned and set up my very own online marketing business. It took me about one and a half years to master the art of tackling an online business. I worked really hard during that time to explore and understand every minute detail of the business. Eventually, my business flourished and at present fetches me the much-needed amount of $3000 on a monthly basis. I have built up an email database of over 20,000 subscribers who are mostly people interested in such a business. I send emails to my subscribers and promote products. For the past one and a half years, I have been introducing this business to others like me. I not only help them learn it but also assist in controlling it. However, the rules in my country are strict and it has not been easy to obtain an official license for it, but have enough evidence to prove the existence of my business at which I have been working for the past three years and which has provided me the means and the courage to finally apply to my dream institution. Personal Statement As a child when I was asked what I wanted to do in life, “business” was the only word that ever came to my mind and remains the only word that I can relate myself with. Somewhere deep down I knew that I had that extra something to make it big in the business world. The intriguing, mysterious and the complex nature of the subject completely mesmerized me and there is no other subject that could have drawn me so much into it. It was during my school days that I wondered about my higher education and I knew right away where I wanted to be. In my country, studying in the Land of Opportunity is an honor and it has always been my dream to do so. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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