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Professional Specialism 1 : Primary - Essay Example

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PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISM 2.0 Review of related literature 2.1Correlation between teacher competence and knowledge of subject In the development of a needs analysis, the ultimate aim of the teacher is to come to terms with students’ needs, wants and learning aspirations (Taylor, 2007)…
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Professional Specialism 1 : Primary
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Download file to see previous pages At every point in time, studies have showed that it is important for teachers to possess competence in their professional area of function (Sternberg and Grigorenko, 2003). However, further studies have showed that there ought to be a positive and correlative relationship between the teacher competence and knowledge of subject (Somers and Whitmore, 2007). This is so because in the teaching situation, what the teacher actually does is not to exhibit his competence and professionalism but a core understanding of the subject being taught. A teacher may therefore fail if he has the competence and lack knowledge of subject. Some reviewers have actually said that the competence possessed by the teacher is like petrol tanker carrying petrol. The fact that the petrol tanker is carrying petrol does not guarantee that the tanker would move. The tanker would actually move only after it has had its own petrol tanker filled with petrol. In the same way, the teacher would need his competence filled with knowledge of subject to succeed. 2.2Effect of teacher-subject competence on quality of learning experience As looked at earlier, there should be a relation between the teacher competence and knowledge of subject. ...
What is more, teachers who combine competence with learning experience always know the basis and rubrics of the subject, including the best teaching methods and strategies to apply in teaching them out to students. Once teachers with the right teaching approach and method, teachers are able to grasp concepts being taught easily and their learning experience becomes enhanced. What is more, teachers with a combination of competence and knowledge of subject are able to set up the right learning environment including the selection of appropriate teaching learning materials and subsequently apply these in a right format to affect the learning experience positively by making learning more convenient and interactive. 2.23Motivating students with learning For most students, learning has been a very difficult part of their lives. This is because such students see learning as a responsibility rather than a privilege or even right (Spencer and Spencer, 1993). It is in this spirit that when teachers fail to make learning appear to students as a motivation, most students are likely to fail on their efforts to succeed in their learning process. As teachers, the attempt to motivate students with learning should not be difficult and should come in a number of diverse ways. Some major reviewers have identified that when teachers are able to explain to students the need and importance of each learning process, it will be a major motivation for the students to learn (Taylor, 2007). Even though needs analysis should be largely based on the student, the teacher should always be a facilitator for defining the benefits of each learning period. What is more, strategies must be put in place, particularly for beginners so that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Professional Specialism 1 : Primary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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