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Question 1. Impact of Language and cultural Diversity on Ammerica's Pluralistic Society - Essay Example

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The Implications of Language and Cultural Diversity on America's Pluralistic Society America is considered as a pluralistic society because it is a nation that is composed of diverse culture and people. The American way has evolved with the differing degrees of influences from different cultures…
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Question 1. Impact of Language and cultural Diversity on Ammericas Pluralistic Society
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Extract of sample "Question 1. Impact of Language and cultural Diversity on Ammerica's Pluralistic Society"

Download file to see previous pages By definition, a society is composed of a group of people who shares the same beliefs, values, interests, and activities. It can be an ethnic group, a community, or a country. In relation to this, there are also different types of society that exists and co-exists. One of these societies is the pluralistic type of society where power is distributed within the sub-groups in the society. Aside from distribution of power, a pluralistic society is also diverse such as the American society (Carroll and Buchholtz 6-8). In relation to this, the diverse languages present in the American pluralistic society had greatly affected the education system of America. The differences of language brought by studying within a majority culture bring difficulties to students that enter the American educational system. There have been an increasing number of students who speak other languages other than English which causes these students to be inarticulate in the English language. Also, due to the increase of multilingual or non-English speaking students, the educational system must provide instructions in line with the mother language of the students. In this manner, the educational system must be reevaluated in order to provide the necessary instructions for all students. Also, the cultural diversity affects the American educational system because most of the time, the minority groups are continued to be taught with the curriculum that is not based on their culture. This is because the instruction materials, as well as the teachers, continue to teach through the usual American educational system. As a result, the student will eventually be affected in terms of his or her cultural behavior (Hardman, Drew, and Egan; Naylor 99). In relation to the business industry or the corporate world of America, the presence of language and cultural diversity also means that the workforce will be made up of different types of people. These differences encompass the different beliefs, cultural orientation, gender, race, and ethnicity. Due to this, corporate America had used the term workplace diversity in order to cite such differences. Workplace diversity also plays a vital role in the manner of managing and handling employees from top to bottom. Also, workplace diversity, if managed properly, is an advantageous way of opening a company or an industry to a more diverse clientele. In order to gain optimum advantage of workplace diversity, managers have been trained with different diversity programs. Some of the few advantages of workplace diversity include acquisition of resources, advantage in the branch of marketing, and the ability to complement bilingual skill with the orthodox skills (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor 252-254). There were also changes in America’s mass media during the time when the American society became more and more pluralistic. Many of the media outlets conceded that it was important to act upon the continuing pluralistic society of the United States fairly. In this manner, changes were done in the attitude of the media in stereotyping. In the early 1980, many of the minority groups in America were represented falsely in movies, television, and even in novels and books. However, as the increase of language and cultural diversity occurred in the United States, many media outlets had employed and changed the perspectives on minority ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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