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TMA 1 Name Tutor Course College Date SKYLINE COLLEGE Skyline College is a vast institution. It has different courses suitable for a large number of students. The college is headed by a vice chancellor and his assistant who is the deputy and chief supervisor of all the college departments…
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Download file to see previous pages One of the internal factors that affect the overall culture of the organization is leadership. The vice chancellor, being the chief executive officer and the deputy manager, plays a very important role in influencing culture in the college. For instance, the changes that come about by the beginning of the year were much influenced by the leaders of the college. Some of the lecturers and students were not involved in this and, as a result, required to leave. Communication is the other factor that influences culture in the Skyline College. The communication between the workers and the management has a major role in keeping the culture of the college. For example, the recent changes effected in the university were rejected by part of the workforce and the students’ body. Most of their ideas and grievances were ignored and, as a result, some of the lecturers ended up quitting while a small number of students opted to transfer to other schools. The third internal factor that affects culture in any organization is the structure of the organization. The division of labour in any organization is important in determining culture in any organization (Hodder, 2001). To understand some of the external factors that influence culture in an organization, Pest analysis is necessary. Politics is a major external influence of culture in any organisation. ...
This will automatically lead to change in culture. Economy is also a major determinant of any culture. For example, an affluent economy can be able to support technological advancements and other important gears that a poor economy cannot be able to afford. It is also evident that economy will affect the environment of the institution, especially the infrastructure of the institute which is very vital to the organisation culture. Role of leaders at Skyline College The above factors have a major impact on the culture of the organization as a result; there needs to be a person or people to monitor and control this influence. Leaders at Skyline College play a major role in mediating the impact of different factors in the school. First, the vice chancellor of the college is responsible for ensuring that every member of staff performs his/her duty as expected. This ensures that every employee knows the role they play in the various departments and what is expected of them. The vice chancellor also has the responsibility of allocating leadership roles to different workers, lecturers and students, as a result, influencing the way professional duties are carried out in the organisation. The leaders are also responsible for ensuring that there is effective communication in the school (Schein, 2007). For example, the deputy chancellor makes sure that suggestion boxes are emptied every week and read by the administration heads. With this, the vice chancellor is able to know all the issues affecting the college and how they can be worked on. Organization structure is also influenced by the leadership of the university. For example, in the recent changes in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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