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FINISH LINE - Essay Example

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For instance, in the given case study, when in winters the demand for warm clothes is high, it creates automatic sales for the company in regards of their clothes…
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Extract of sample "FINISH LINE"

A Case Study Solution on Finish Line College A Case Study Solution on Finish Line Question Having a mix of products at a store isa very valuable technique to keep the sales rolling throughout the year. For instance, in the given case study, when in winters the demand for warm clothes is high, it creates automatic sales for the company in regards of their clothes. Although the company is, inherently, a retail shoe brand but having clothes in their store neither affects their sales of shoes adversely nor jeopardize them by losing sales in winters, when the demand of clothes is more than the demand of shoes.
Seasonality, on the other hand, is a very vital factor that any store should not neglect. Connick mentions that seasonal sales period is a high time for a store to make greater profits, but it comes with difficulties, as well. During the busy season, avoiding stock out is imperative. A seasonal stock should be carefully monitored on a daily basis and to avoid empty stock, the store manager must call the warehouse every day for that. Finish Line must take care of everyday pricing, assortment, space management, inventory management on a daily basis, and must show prowess in handling business decisions when it comes to seasonal products.
Question 2
There are many people complaining about wrong shoe size or the shoes that are outdated in fashion terms. There are researches, like the one mentioned by Better Health Channel (2013), that put high emphasis on foot care when it comes to running and jogging. So, the customers need the types of shoes that are not only in fashion but also take care of their feet. The buyers are the ones that have to face a lot of risk because even if Finish Line takes three months as its lead time, the other shoe making companies mentioned in the case study take at least six months. This means that customers have to wait for long to see what would be the changes in fashion in the offing. A new fashion is most likely to show up in six months.
Question 3
If the customer rates store A high in style-by-style ranking, store B lesser than that and store C the least in ranking then Finish Line would have to make decisions in keeping the inventory of store A available at all the time. The reason is very evident; if the customers have ranked according to style, then this means that they are fashion conscious and want to look up to date in shoe styling. This gives rise to the fact that the customers that ranked store A high in style would, most of the times, like to buy from store A. Straightforwardly, Finish Line would have to take special care of inventory management at store A.
Considering this scenario on the basis of comfort level of Finish Line shoes at stores A, B and C, if the customers ranked store C highest in comfortability then such customers are most likely to buy from store C only. Thus, Finish Line would have to take exceptional care regarding inventory management here.
Question 4
Along with the already used performance measures for logistics system, Finish Line can use some other forms of performance metrics like “percent of demand met”. It is calculated by orders fulfilled divided by total demand. It helps to determine the operational capabilities of the firm and Finish Line can benefit from it a lot, because it would keep a track of inventory even before it is required. In this way, stock outs can be avoided. If there is a low percentage, it would mean that the company has either forecasted poorly, has insufficient capacity, has low inventory levels, or has unreliable production and distribution system.
Also, Allais (2010) gives an overview on some of the widely used metrics for logistics performance from which Finish Line can gain greater profits smooth out the value supply chain of the company. Miller (2011) states some of the reasons that can prove KPI to be quite a suitable indicator for logistics systems performance in supply chain. Finish Line can vigorously make use of it, as well.
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