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Administrators Decline Petition for a Daycare Introduction Administrators should consider certain aspects in establishing centers for children. A number of working parents are often worried about their young children’s day care systems. They want to be assured that their kids will have a nurturing environment outside the home…
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Media assignment- administration in a childhood setting
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"Media assignment- administration in a childhood setting"

A related topic in CBC News delved on how mothers and fathers are searching for appropriate care institutions near their work places in the area of British Columbia. Because of the need, a number of individuals urge their employers to provide daycare centers for their children. However, some administrations do not favor creating childcare centers without ample resources. Specifically, this paper delves on St. Paul hospital’s administration’s refusal to launch a daycare center due to insufficient resources. Development The article entitled, “Workplace Daycare a Rarity in B.C.” talked about Andrea Firmani’s, crisis on how to go back to work at St. Paul hospital after her maternity leave (2012). She is a mother of two and is currently employed as a nurse. Together with other working mothers, they filed a petition asking their administration to found an on-site daycare. However, St. Paul hospital’s administrators declined the appeal. The directors said that they could not possibly accommodate their employee’s children due to limited space and insufficient funds. Kershaw, a professor from the University of Columbia explained that many companies do not have daycare programs for their staff because they do not actually have the required parameters. He furthered that he has persuaded the Surrey Board of Trade to encourage a 10-dollar a day daycare plan in the province. The aforementioned summary reflects the considerations that administrators have in setting up child care services. Firstly, a sufficient space is needed in accommodating the children. “Most licensing requirements cover at least three broad elements related to the environment: the physical characteristics of the space; the toys, equipment and furnishings within the space; and the organization of the space and its contents” (Colbert, 2008). For instance, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Health and Community Services assert that one of the standards for early childhood programs should be adequate vicinity (2004). It is ideal that centers have space for activity areas like music, gross motor, wood working, and computer. There should also be ample grounds for outdoor play space. St. Paul’s administration may also be commended for not taking advantage of the high demand. The executives could have acted on the petition with the grounds that the employees have to pay for the service. In this aspect, it can be gleaned that responsible administrators do not just focus on the sources of income. Employers who show ethical paired with logical considerations are remarkable. Indeed, matters should be taken holistically when deciding whether to establish a child care program or not. Moreover, the plight of Firmani represents what is happening to most societies nowadays. Many mothers seek to find a center near their respective work areas. Hence, child care administrators should seriously deem location as one of their most significant elements in setting up centers. A long distance from a parent’s workplace to his child’s center costs much precious time, stress, and even money. Administrators who establish child care institutions near offices or headquarters are surely to be rewarded with a number of patrons. Lastly, the article mentioned financial concerns. The administration should ask for reasonable fees from parents. For example, it is logical for daycare owners to base their fees on the present cost of living as well Read More
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