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Considering the demands and contemporary requirements of your vocational or professional practice, critically examine how these - Essay Example

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The Provision of Vocational Education for Older Workers [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Vocational education and training (VET) programs educate and train people with the intention of employing them in a particular trade (Doak, 2012). Normally, such training is brief and does not last more than two years…
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Considering the demands and contemporary requirements of your vocational or professional practice, critically examine how these
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"Considering the demands and contemporary requirements of your vocational or professional practice, critically examine how these"

Download file to see previous pages One feature of vocational training and education is that it has a career-oriented focus, often done by people preparing for specific careers and on graduating, vocational learners begins to work in these high-demand jobs immediately (Doak, 2012). The other feature of vocational education is that it is offered by highly skilled experts in the concerned disciplines and involves a lot of practical work in the laboratories, workshops or work studios. Thus less time is spent in classrooms contrary to the case in other types of learning institutions. There are several requirements for one to undertake vocational training. These include high school diploma or equivalents. Although it is not essential, applicants are required to go for areas they have expertise in since these programs. It is not essential since learners are often taught all they need to know to work in a given field. Thus, even applicants without prior skills and experience are transformed into competent and skilled workers. Vocational education and practice has become a rather important concept in recent times given its view as an alternative to university education and its being less expensive compared to other college and university educational programs such as degree. ...
Therefore, it is apparent that not all undertaking vocational programmes are high school graduates seeking to enter the workforce for the first time. Many people in vocational programs are older workers interested in new careers and thus require retraining. The main reason people seek vocational education is the need to balance different skills for improved productivity and social order. For instance, while mechanics and plumbers are necessary for social order, beauticians, dental hygienists, and medical aides are useful for quality of life. There are numerous demands and requirement-related challenges encountered in vocational practice that affect different kinds of workers and high school graduates (Wolf, 2002). This paper explores the current and future requirements and demands for the older worker regarding vocational practice. Vocational Requirements/Demands for Older Workers Lifelong learning for older workers continues to attract the attention of stakeholders such as employers, the government and the older workers. For them to remain competent and not be rendered redundant, older workers have to acquire the latest skills and proficiency required for their jobs, which may have changed over the time they have been employed. Without the necessary vocational training and practices being imparted into this category of workers, employers would be forced to retire or retrench them and employ new, younger and more skilled labourers. The effects of demographic changes in the nature and the structure of the workforces has thus created a lot of vocational education and training concerns for employers such as the government and those in the private sector (Lauglo & Rupert, 2005). Consequent to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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