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Education and its Methods - Assignment Example

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Education and its Methods Professor number Education and its Methods Methods of teaching and learning are fields that have undergone a great amount of research and analysis over the last century. Thinkers like Bertrand Russell created models of learning that were then modified and adapted to the needs of modern times…
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Education and its Methods
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall look at the differences in the learning techniques from last week. A humanist approach that takes into account only the potential of the person as a whole may at times be misleading and detrimental to the process of development of a child. In theory, every facet of the child undergoes a change while a humanist model of education is followed by the teachers or the educators (Smith, 2003). However, this is not true. That is, it may not follow while the theory is being translated into practice. This may lead to problems whereby an aspect of a child that needs specialized attention is left out of the process of education or is not given adequate attention. Humanist education is also not easy to implement at a logistical level. In third world countries and even on certain first world countries, it is not possible to accommodate many children within a framework that provides a completely humanist form of education. As a result, it is necessary to temper any form of education that is taken with the positives of the others. In this context, it may be a good idea to describe a few details of the cognitivist school of learning theory. According to theorists who believe in the power of this form of learning, it is important to develop in learners the abilities to structure their own mind in such a manner that it would be easier for them to understand the new events and facts that are provided to them. In a certain course of time, they shall attain the necessary abilities for the purpose of understanding new facts on their own. This mode of learning depends on installing in a person the apparatus for further learning (Mergel, 1998). An integration of these systems may lead to complications whereby the best in both may not be utilised and the negatives of both may be inculcated in it. There may, however, on the brighter side, also develop a system that has the positives of both. This system may be able to provide specialized attention to the problem of children and also develop their particular skills while also developing them as a whole. While providing children with nothing but theoretical models that do not interact, one runs the risk of losing out on motivating the child. Setting the child within a system where there is no change in the conditions of learning may lead to the child not feeling a sense of ambition which is essential for the development of a mindset that is conducive for the reception of facts. Motivating a child to create such a mindset is extremely necessary for his or her further development. This development needs to have a solid basis and this can proceed from an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses, both of which may then be assessed according to the cognitivist and the humanist schools of learning theory. This can then also be tied to the aspect of self-regulation that needs to be a part of the education of a child. This regulation can proceed from an understanding of one’s talents and needs when faced with the world. This needs an understanding of the world and one’s position in it and also knowledge of one’s talents that may be put at the service of the world. This can then be used for a regulation of the manner in which education is conducted. The biological bases of learning and memory also need to be taken into account while looking at methods of imparting education to children. The age of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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