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Environments and Numbers - Essay Example

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Running Head: LITERATURE AND LEARNING Environment and 1 Environments and Numbers Name Class Date Environments and Numbers Numbers and how they are added and subtracted often seem a very abstract concept to young children. Through the use of books that are about the environment and environments that both people and animals live in, numbers can begin to make sense as they are both recognized through lessons and then put into context through seeing more and less of different objects…
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Environments and Numbers
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Extract of sample "Environments and Numbers"

Download file to see previous pages Counting the number of ways things are different or the same creates a sense of how to put numbers together to form meaning. In creating a sense of the environment, children can see how numbers relate to the real world, negating a common belief that numbers are not relevant to real life. In providing for different forms of ideas about the world, children will see how the world is related to one another and be able to count through observing within the world. In creating a foundation for learning about adding and subtracting, children in Kindergarten will begin to see how numbers relate to one another. Where fingers are often the first way in which numbers begin to have meaning, through creative projects that support visual and auditory learning, they will begin to see how things can be added and subtracted to have more and less. In using a game, a sound lesson, and an art lesson, the interest in numbers will emerge as application of the concept of numbers is made upon real world ideas. In combining the lesson with environments, the information includes a secondary opportunity for learning as different environments are explored. ...
The book explores the ocean environment in such a way as to provide an overview of the ocean and how the ecology of a water living space affects the needs of ocean life. The book has the advantage of listing things that are relevent to the topic, thus creating an opportunity to discuss numbers. If possible, a fish tank with aquatic life would help to emphasize the message of the lesson in relationship to the environment. The discussion of numbers would be based upon the premise of 'how many'. Children would be asked the question of how many animals they learned about, how many ways animals breath, and how many differences can be seen between those animals living in the water and those animals living on land. Each time a number is found, the teacher will write it on the board so that it can be seen by the students. Through counting how many, the students will begin to grasp the concept of quantifying what they learn. Children can use the tangible objects within the book to advance their understanding of quantity and counting 'how many'. Quantity is an important part of understanding both addition and subtraction. This lesson would provide a precursor to the lessons that will follow which will discuss the ideas of adding and subtracting objects from one another. Through this lesson, children will gain the first step towards beginning their journey into understanding quantity as it relates to numbers. Learning the numbers is a vital first step in beginning their education in mathematics as they begin to explore the world in relationship to the numbers that they know. Lesson 2 - The Desert Wadsworth, G., & Carrozza, J. (1997). Desert discoveries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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