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Critical Thinking - Essay Example

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and Number: Critical Thinking Date Submitted: Critical Thinking ERIC refers to an online digital library of educational information as well as research (ERIC, 2012). ERIC stands for Education Resources Information Center…
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Critical Thinking Essay
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Extract of sample "Critical Thinking"

Download file to see previous pages Only a few databases can offer these services (ERIC, 2012). ERIC, however, has its own disadvantages. At times, research through ERIC can be time consuming. This is due to the large library of information that ERIC has to offer (ERIC, 2012). Hence, locating information can be tiresome. Another disadvantage of using ERIC is that there is a cost incurred in accessing the database. Even though, one pays for using ERIC, it still has a broad variety of data that cannot be accessed anywhere else. Locating and reading original articles rather than just using the abstract source is vital due to a number of reasons. The reasons are that: the original article has the original and full information. The original article is of higher standards than the abstract, and is up-to-date and complete. The original article represents the original information of what the article is about (ERIC, 2012). Unlike the information found on abstracts, which might just describe the original study, the original article has full information of the topic matter without biasness. Also, in most cases, people find that original articles are of higher standards than the abstract. This is because the original article is examined for quality before it is published, unlike abstracts. Finally, original articles are always up-to-date. They comprise of the most recent information, unlike abstracts (ERIC, 2012). It is advantageous to start with secondary sources of information since these secondary sources are produced by individuals who have examined the primary source and enhanced its information. Secondary sources give assurance that the primary source is viable (ERIC, 2012). They also summarize the primary source so that on could know what is contained in the primary source. Some of the valuable traits of secondary sources are: secondary sources are gathered from diverse databases. They also provide a summary of primary sources (ERIC, 2012). Gathering information for secondary sources takes less time than a primary source, and secondary sources provide a greater database of information. Secondary sources have quite a number of limitations as compared to primary sources. Some of these limitations are that the quality of the information is low, and information may be incomplete. Library holdings that are considered as primary sources are articles that offer first-hand testimonies, as well as direct evidence regarding a topic that is being investigated. These holdings are created by recorders or witnesses who experienced the event itself (ERIC, 2012). Library holdings that are primary sources refer to the sources that were created at the period of the event. They can, however, comprise of memoirs, autobiographies, or oral histories that were recorded later. Library holdings that are primary sources are distinguished by content, irrespective of whether they are available in original format, in digital format, in microfilm or published format. They can also be found in many libraries across the United States (ERIC, 2012). Articles differ in format, but in general have a reasonably similar scheme. They begin with a segment that looks at the background of the research, and a clarification of why the authors chose to do the research. It is followed by enlightenment of how the researchers did the experiment, and their results, plus conclusions. However, in order to assess a report and determine whether it is viable for the research, there are three ways of assessing an article to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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