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The Economics of Education & Financing Education Adequately - Assignment 6 - Essay Example

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The Economics of Education & Financing Education Adequately [University] [Instructor Name] The Economics of Education & Financing Education Adequately There are a multitude of reasons why educational costs keep rising sky high in the US more than any other country in the world…
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The Economics of Education & Financing Education Adequately - Assignment 6
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"The Economics of Education & Financing Education Adequately - Assignment 6"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the times in public schools the tuition fee is driven from the rising expenditures on the administrators, student support services and government endowment according to the report issued by a nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. The factors contributing to increment in the educational costs in detail are as follows: According to a report issued by the U.S department of education which states that the average cost per pupil has increased up to 44% over the past decades. Public elementary and secondary schools across the country are shifting their costs like state funding, lower tax revenues and personnel costs to parents and their students by increasing school fees. Even though in public schools students were charged for the fieldtrips etc. they are also being charged $20 for the school supplies like for their labs to workbooks. When inflation is growing at 2% rate in broad economy the educational costs increase at 4-6% annually. This means if we were to pay $10,000 this year, the cost will increase by $400-$600 next year. Therefore, this means that educational costs have doubled in 12-18 years. High demand drives the prices to go high. It is factually true that more students are attempting for school admissions than ever, because the demand is high which is causing the costs to climb high. ...
This is a fact about schools who receive a little or no endowment from the government. This is one problem which keeps growing, the more the educational costs rise, the more students opt for scholarships. When scholarships are awarded largely the costs increase for the self-financing students. Which leads to more requests for scholarships and the process goes on. Most states have refrained schools to charge for core courses, when they are being charged 80% for the personnel costs in many schools in the district which is the main reason for the increase in the costs. Nationally, programs for the gifted children, students with trouble reading, advance math and science programs have all been eliminated. Local residents were asked to agree on paying higher taxes but they disagreed upon, which is why increasing school charges in the only way to generate for state funding. Many states can waive off academic costs for the poorest students in the school but not for the extracurricular activities, those with the annual salary of $29,000 per year. However, those above the border line if they do not pay in full will be sanctioned; school may hold back their diplomas even with hold them from graduating which itself costs for $30-$60. EDUCATIONAL COST IN SURRIOUNDING THE COUNTRIES OF US: FENTRESS COUNTY: the total population in this district is 6,403,353 according to the estimate of 2011. It has 1,736 schools with the total students of 934,246 out of which 24.2% are African American, 1.9% is Asian/ Pacific Islander, 6.2% are Hispanic, 0.3% is Native American/ Alaskan and 67.4% are white students. According to the statistical data 82.5% of ages 25 and above are high school graduates and 22.7% have bachelor’s degree. PUTNAM COUNTY: Putnam county ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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