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Project Manager to develop a project plan for 2. ASEAN Ministerial Conference in Singapore for ASEAN leaders - Assignment Example

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The aim of the ASEAN leaders is to accelerate growth in terms of economic, cultural, social and regional aspects. The ASEAN leaders hold an internal organizational meeting with their member…
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Project Manager to develop a project plan for 2. ASEAN Ministerial Conference in Singapore for ASEAN leaders
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Extract of sample "Project Manager to develop a project plan for 2. ASEAN Ministerial Conference in Singapore for ASEAN leaders"

Download file to see previous pages On 9th January 2013, H.E. Le Luong Minh has been appointed as a secretary general of the ASEAN ministerial conference (2ASEAN Secretariat, 2014). In order to highlight the structure of the ASEAN leaders it can be asserted that the Chairperson is selected among the ASEAN countries in every year. Recently, during 2014 the 24th ASEAN ministerial conference has held in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. ASEAN ministerial conference is planned to be held in Singapore. In this regard, as project manager, the responsibility of seeking that plan of conducting the conference in Singapore is done in an effective manner (Council of the European Union, 2010; Economist Intelligence Unit, 2002).
In this assignment, an analysis of the internal and external environment of Singapore is conducted. Apart from this, the assignment will also highlight the strength and weaknesses of the ASEAN ministerial conference in Singapore along with its opportunity and threats. Accordingly, appropriate strategic options are formulated with the aim of accomplishing the objective of conducting the conference successfully.
Economic activity is performed on diverse geographical regions within the globe. Owing to its widespread operations, Singapore faces several threats from the political ground, particularly in terms of instability associated with the political condition of the nation. Thus, in order to conduct an ASEAN ministerial conference, a close monitor should be made for determining political threats, which can adversely affect the conferences and the ASEAN leaders conducting the meeting (Lucintel, 2014; Ha & Coghill, 2006; Government of Singapore, 2005).
The economic condition of Singapore is bright, as major industries have contributed towards the ’Gross Domestic Product’ (GDP) of Singapore. Apart from this, most of the organizations have emphasized business expansion, which has assisted in maintaining the growth of its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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