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Banathy (1989) identified three lenses by which we can view the systems orientation of education. This includes the systems-environment model which views the educational system in the context of a larger community. The second one is the functions-structure model which defines the school at a given moment of time…
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Applying Systems Theory to an Educational Setting
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Download file to see previous pages My focus of study is the educational system of Carleton University to which I have experienced studying under its Economics program. From her on, I shall use the word 'school' to denote Carleton University for brevity.
The school was founded in 1942 and is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is situated on 62 hectares south of the city centre and is bordered by the Rideau River, the historic Rideau Canal and rather pleasant residential neighborhoods. All the information that I will be using is based from my own knowledge of the school with supplemental information from the school's website.
Every university should engage in a planning process that sets not only the direction the institution is going to head but also the pacing that it will take. These plans usually require measurable outcomes for the institution to know what they have achieved and how they have fared so far.
The administrative and governing body of the school is categorized into five units whose government and administrative functions are clearly defined. These units, although separate from one another, do communicate and work with another to come up with better policies and regulations regarding the school's functions. These five units and their subcomponents are given in the following:
Reporting to the President, the Provost and Vic...
b. Office of the President
The President, also known as the Vice Chancellor, is actually the chief executive of the school. It is thru his initiative that the directions and immediate priorities are determined.
c. Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Reporting to the President, the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the chief academic officer of the University, is ultimately responsible for all academic programs and policies. The Provost's portfolio includes all academic units, Graduate Studies, the University Library, enrolment management, student affairs, the Office of the University Registrar, learning technologies and teaching support and faculty recruitment and support.
d. Office of the Vice-President (Finance and Administration)
The Finance and Administration Division of Carleton University are made up of the Computing and Communication Services, Finance, Human Resources, Institutional Research and Planning, Internal Audit and Advisory Services, Pension Fund Management, Physical Plant, University Safety and University Services departments. Its mission is to provide quality specialized services to the Carleton University community that provides a safe, healthy and productive environment for students, staff and faculty in which to work, study and live.
Office of the Vice-President (Research and International)
This office provides the necessary program for research, scholarship, and creative activity in sciences, business, engineering, arts, and public administration. It is also responsible for handling international affairs such as students from abroad and conferences in other countries.
Administrative Services
All the non-teaching services such as for business transactions, library, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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