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The AISD - Essay Example

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The AISD also recognized as Arlington Independent School District is considered to be the ninth-biggest school region particularly in Texas and over 64,000 students are enrolled in AISD as of the year 2012. …
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Extract of sample "The AISD"

Synthesis Essay Introduction The AISD also recognized as Arlington Independent School District is considered to be the ninth-biggest school region particularly in Texas and over 64,000 students are enrolled in AISD as of the year 2012. Nearly, fifty-two percent of the learners linked with secondary standard are registered in AISD in the technological as well as career education programs. It has been viewed that most of the districts in AISD perform their board meetings which are recorded and are available to the citizens through their website (Arlington ISD, 2012). This particular paper will deal with the discussion of the subject matter of introduction of libraries in different schools especially in Texas according to the different board meetings that AISD publishes in their website. Moreover, the implications of the discussion topic i.e. the introduction of libraries in various schools located at Texas synthesizing with the article published by Norman D. Kerr along with the text book i.e. “The Educator’s Guide To Texas School Law” will be portrayed in the discussion. Implications of the Discussion Topic The board meeting about the introduction of libraries in different schools had a positive implication upon the community of Arlington. While discussing the topic in the board meeting, Cary Siegfried who is the Director of the Department of Libraries belonging to Arlington City emphasized upon the topic of the Library Link program which was established in the year 2007. According to Cary Siegfried, this particular program was expanded to different schools belonging to AISD and offers various significant services to the students. The ‘Library Link’ program delivers innovative services relating with the library facilities to the community of Arlington. In relation to the text book namely ‘The Educator’s Guide To Texas School Law’, it has been viewed that the mission of the education system of Texas is to make sure about the accessibility of the students or children of Texas towards a quality education. This particular mission would help them to participate in the social, financial and educational opportunities of the state and the nation. In this regard, the legislature of Texas has precised few significant objectives which include the establishment of a safe as well as a disciplined learning atmosphere such as the library facility and the introduction of innovative techniques in order to enhance the learning of the students. Moreover, the other objectives also include the implementation of latest technologies, participation of the parents as full partners in the education program of the students, making the students to become prolific citizens and minimizing the dropout rates of the students (Walsh, Kemerer, & Maniotis, 2010). In reference to the article published by Norman D. Kerr, it has been observed that the members belonging to the boards of education are elected in order to represent the community regarding the formation of local educational related policies. According to Kerr, the role of the school board is viewed to be an agency of legitimacy which determines the goals of the school administration. In relation to the discussion topic about the school board meeting i.e. the introduction of libraries in schools in Texas, Kerr stated that there lie few driving forces which shape the attitudes as well as the performance of the members of the school board. The vital driving forces include the politics of the school board, pressures for traditional values through socialization procedure on the school board and the various community pressures created by the system of the school that pose considerable impact upon the public. From the perspective of the politics of the school board, Kerr noted that there are two crucial features that affect the behavioral role of the board members about various discussion topics such as the introduction of libraries in different schools of Texas. The two vital features include the comparative nonappearance of clear-cut constituencies and the lack of familiarity of the candidates about the activities in relation to the discussions of various educational associated programs (Kerr, 2009). Observation from the School Board Meeting It has been observed in the school board meeting that Cary Siegfried had focused upon the significance of introducing library facilities to the students belonging to different schools of AISD. She also added the advantages of the ‘Library Link’ program which was initiated in the year 2007 through which the students can gain various resourceful services. According to Cary Siegfried, the different services which are offered by the Library Link program for the diverse schools belonging to AISD consist of the availability of various library materials designed for adults, introduction of board books especially for babies or toddlers and facility of easy registration for availing library card. Furthermore, the other services comprise the establishment of different programming methods for the families along with their babies or preschoolers and facility of accessing online education services from the website of the library. Cary Siegfried also added that by utilizing the Library Link program, the students of AISD can download their necessary books and materials for recreational reading, can enjoy the expanded checkout facilities and finally can avail complete package of the library facilities (Arlington ISD, 2012). This particular discussion topic i.e. the introduction of libraries in different schools of AISD can be synthesized with the text book of ‘The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law’ by considering the significant fact about the mission of the education system of Texas. The discussion topic in the board meeting can be related with the legislature objectives of Texas which focused on delivering a well-disciplined learning atmosphere to AISD students (Walsh, Kemerer & Maniotis, 2010). While synthesizing the discussion topic with the article published by Kerr, it can be stated that there lies a particular facet which imposes considerable impact upon the behavioral role of the board members. The feature include lack of awareness of the candidates about the activities relating with the discussions of various educational related programs such as the introduction of libraries in different schools of Texas (Kerr, 2009). Conclusion Thus, it can be concluded that by focusing upon the aforementioned aspects, the discussion topic in the board meeting i.e. the introduction of libraries in schools can be synthesized with the text book of ‘The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law’ along with the article published by Norman D Kerr. The analysis has provided a definite correlation among the aspects mentioned within the article and the text book along with the discussion of the board meeting. References Arlington ISD. (2012). Libraries in schools. Retrieved from Kerr, N. D. (2009). The school board as an agency of legitimation. Sociology of Education 38(1), pp.34-59. Walsh, J., Kemerer, F., & Maniotis, L. (2010). The educator's guide to Texas school law: seventh edition. United States: University of Texas Press. Read More
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