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Dynamism Development - Essay Example

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Dynamism in technological development means continuous changes that require continued learning among administrators. This paper seeks to present a summary of results of an interview over application of technology by a district school administrator. …
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Dynamism Development
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will also discuss my personal insights from the interview. Gained formal and informal training in application of technology The administrator reported gained formal training, at high school and college levels, in application of technology. The gained skills involved development of ‘computer-based’ programs for administrative purposes that have facilitated its efficiency. General-purpose software used The ‘general-purpose’ software that was used by the administrator included windows, Microsoft office and Photoshop. Windows, as an operating system was used to run the schools administrative computers. Microsoft Office was however the majorly applied general software, used in data entry, processing and management. The main use of Photoshop was majorly to facilitate visual communication with both teachers and students. The general software therefore facilitated administrative purposes. Administrative software used The administrator reported application of ISIS and Pinnacle software. The administration applied Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers for a variety of administrative purposes such as registration and monitoring of the school’s population trend. It was also applied in data processing and development of images for administrative roles. Pinnacle software was also used to edit ‘video-based’ presentations that are internally prepared for different communication purposes. Type of network used by the district The district reported application of a 10 Megabit Ethernet to link its computers. Used as a local area connection, the network facilitated instant electronic communication among administrative departments. It has also improved administrative efficiency through eliminating originally faced challenges in conducting manual oral or written communication. Type of wiring used to support the network Cat cables with wireless access points that linked all computers supported the network. Application of the wireless technology eliminated need for frequent maintenance due to accidental physical interference of wired connections. Frequency of using software in meeting presentations Application of software in presentations was reported to be frequent with Microsoft power point being the majorly used software. Power point presentations’ ability to make personalized and captivating projections was applied to facilitate successful demonstrations in meetings. Monitoring teachers’ use of technology Monitoring teachers’ application of technology was done through application of partial discharge monitoring that reports usage of every machine. A follow up survey, to ensure accuracy in monitoring and evaluation, was reported. Supportive software such as Discovery Learning, Gizmos and Achieve 3000 were also used to support the monitoring process. Biggest challenge to technology The biggest challenge to application of technology in the school was human factors. Both administrative staff and teachers were sometimes not willing to adopt recommended applications. This was realized through resistance or lack of interest in implementing technology. The main reason for this challenge has been the general nature of people to resist change as well as the high rate of dynamism in technological development (Tan & Theodorou, 2009). Possible improvements to technology in the school The administrator recommended application of more PD related software for higher order thinking and engagement. This would be supported by availing laptops for every student besides offering digital curriculum. Helping teachers who struggle with technology Providing technologies’ manuals as well as use of mentors was applied to help teachers who were still struggling with technology. Possible role of technology in elementary school and how it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dynamism Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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